Aspera’s unwavering mission is to create the next-generation software technologies that move the world’s large data at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. With the unstoppable explosion of Big Data in a world where IT and networking infrastructures are more diverse and flexible than ever, Aspera focuses on supplying innovative data transfer solutions that help organizations operate and collaborate more effectively on a global scale.

At the root of Aspera’s success lies our innovative, patented, highly efficient bulk data transport technology: FASP™ (fast, adaptive, secure protocol). This technology is unique and core to all Aspera high-performance file transfer software. Consistently ranked first in every WAN transfer throughput benchmark it was ever evaluated in, FASP outperforms software and hardware WAN acceleration solutions alike.

Aspera serves all industries that need to move large volumes of data over wide area networks in practical time frames, such as enterprise IT, games and software development, engineering and electronics, government, legal & eDiscovery, financial services, life sciences, media & entertainment and oil & gas. A pioneer in the enablement of high-speed, data-intensive workflows throughout the enterprise, Aspera has unlocked the cloud for big data with high-performance digital transport, now available on demand.

Founded in 2004 and now part of IBM Software, Aspera is headquartered in Emeryville, California with satellite offices in the United Kingdom, France and Singapore. Aspera software can be purchased directly from us and through an expansive network of reselling partners worldwide. In addition to offering a complete portfolio of software products and a comprehensive SDK platform, Aspera provides engineering services to support the custom-tailored implementation of our solutions and transfer technology in all types of enterprises. We always welcome opportunities for strategic alliances and partnerships with cutting-edge companies large and small.

Our philosophy of innovation is fused into Aspera’s DNA, always top of mind with our team, and built into the core technology and software products that fuel the company’s consistent and rapid growth. The company’s co-founders, Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, selected the name Aspera to express the universal ideals or hope and aspiration through challenges. From the Latin roots "asper" meaning "rough" or "hard", and "spera" meaning "hope", and mottos like "ad astra per aspera" (to the stars through hard ways), Aspera describes our aspiration to create substantial core technologies that solve the difficult problems in network data delivery.

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Aspera develops breakthrough software transfer and streaming technologies to achieve optimal performance and cost savings using existing network infrastructure. In addition to our software products, SaaS offerings and SDK platform, we provide engineering services to implement our products and transfer technology in small to large business enterprises. Aspera welcomes opportunities for strategic alliances or partnerships with companies large and small.

Our Customers

FASP™ was market launched in early 2004 and has become the default standard for high-speed data transfer in media and entertainment applications, and is deployed throughout a variety of industries, as well as government and defense markets, on six continents. In Media and Entertainment, Aspera installations cover the major Hollywood studios and service companies, post-production houses, broadcasters and other content providers, cable, satellite, and on-demand media networks, and computer game developers.

Aspera deployments support data transfer in defense/intelligence operations around the world, the automobile industry, pharmaceutical development, software distribution, scientific data distribution, high technology and global IT solutions companies, and transfers between many global outsourcing companies and their US partners in finance, data processing, and engineering design.

The market need for a flexible, next generation file transfer technology is pervasive and exploding as file sizes increase, network capacities grow, and users increasingly exchange data and media. The Aspera platform, deployable on any standard computing device or the Cloud, is capable of filling the next-generation need, providing optimal data transfer and streaming in any application, over any Internet network, from consumer broadband to gigabit core.

Richard Heitmann

Vice President
Richard is responsible for the overall IBM Aspera business. Previously, he served as IBM Aspera’s vice president of marketing and was responsible for Aspera's marketing activities driving global demand for Aspera's next generation transport technology and products. Prior to joining IBM Aspera, he led marketing and product strategy for Atempo. Richard also served as was vice president of product management and marketing at EVault an early pioneer in the area of online backup as a service which was acquired by Seagate, and has held senior leadership positions at Phoenix Technologies, WatchGuard Technologies and Onyx Software. Overall he brings more than 15 years of experience in developing and marketing a broad set of enterprise solutions.

Mike Flathers

Chief Technologist, Aspera Developer Platform
Mike Flathers has more than 20 years of software development experience. Throughout his career, Flathers focused on enabling third-party technology integrations by creating innovative software solutions and APIs. For the past 10 years, Flathers worked at Sorenson Media where he led the development of Sorenson VCast, one of the industry's first online video delivery platforms and Sorenson VRS, a leading video relay service empowering communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Most recently, he was the chief technology officer for Sorenson Media where he directed research and engineering efforts and managed technology decisions and architecture. Prior to that, he spent 14 years at Novell after the company acquired Excelan where he was a lead developer for the LANWorkplace product, the first suite of TCP/IP utilities for DOS and Windows.

Steve Pollini

Vice President of Technology Solutions
Steve leads Aspera’s professional services team in the creation of customized solutions for high-speed data transport workflows. Prior to Aspera, he spent 5 years as CTO of Total Immersion Software after serving as CIO and SVP of Engineering and Operations at SiVault, a SaaS provider of biometrically secured financial and medical transactions. As VP of Engineering for Qiva, he led the local and offshore development teams and network operations group. While at UPS’ R&D and Information Systems groups he created an innovative SNMP-based L1-L7 management system and ran multiple large-scale developments teams for real-time, automated package handling and tracking systems, and prior to that, he was a Principal Engineer and manager at General DataComm where he led the design and development of high-speed data and voice networking products. Steve began his engineering career at MITS, Inc., the birthplace of the personal computer where he designed the Altair 680.

Arthur J. Meloy

Director of Engineering
Arthur leads the world-wide IBM Aspera Engineering and Support teams. He brings 15 years of experience in developing enterprise class software to the Aspera team. He has worked for IBM his entire career and previously led engineering activities in IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM PureApplication System. He has extensive knowledge of distributed systems, modern cloud computing applications, and operating Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Aspera is an active member and proud sponsor of several high-profile industry organizations


The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) is an open, community-driven forum focused on the creation of timely, innovative, business-driven specifications and technologies for networked media workflows.

Aspera is an associate member of the AMWA.



AFCEA International, established in 1946, is a non-profit organization serving its members by providing a forum for the ethical exchange of information, and dedicated to increasing knowledge through the exploration of issues relevant to its members in information technology, communications and electronics for the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities.


The IABM (International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers) is the authoritative voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. It seeks to further the interests of members through partnership and representation on a range of issues. Activities include Market Research & Intelligence Services, Representation & Mediation, Event Participation Services, Executive Networking Opportunities, Technical & Environmental Standards Reporting and Liaison. The IABM also operates Innovation Awards and Student programs which are designed to stimulate the development of our industry on an international basis.

Aspera is a corporate member of the IABM.


ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) works to maximize the value of technology in support of the legal profession.  Ilta provides accurate and unbiased information about technology and the practice of law to its members through conferences, webinars, networking opportunities, white papers and surveys. 



MESA's mission is: to support service providers in building efficiencies in the creation, production and distribution of physical and digital media and entertainment; to foster end-to-end collaboration among entertainment service providers, their customers and trading partners; to promote its members and provide face-to-face meeting opportunities, and to provide tangible benefits to members including: market intelligence, research initiatives, industry advocacy and collaborative workgroups.


The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) was founded in 1916 to advance theory and development in the motion imaging field. Today, SMPTE serves its members with the latest technology information and education on a rapidly changing industry. SMPTE also is an accredited and globally respected industry standards-setting body. As the leading technical society for the motion imaging industry, SMPTE is shaping the future of the constantly evolving content business.

Aspera is a bronze level, sustaining member of SMPTE.


The Sports Video Group (SVG) was formed in 2006 to support the professional community that relies on video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content. Leagues, owners, teams, players, broadcasters, webcasters, and consumer technology providers have joined the SVG to learn from each other, turn vision into reality, implement new innovations, while sharing experiences that will lead to advancements in the sports production/distribution process and the overall consumer sports experience.

Aspera is a premier sponsor of the SVG.

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley connects companies and individuals involved in the region's Communications Technology industry with one another for business development, collaboration, and education. Using our network, tools, framework, and meetings to bring together the local telecom industry's critical mass of businesses, research, ideas, capital, and human expertise – the Council is a hub for telecom professionals.



The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) is the only organization dedicated to promoting the geospatial intelligence tradecraft and building a stronger community of interest across industry, academia, government, professional organizations and individual stakeholders.

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future 2018 product innovation award

Future awarded IBM Aspera a Product Innovation Award in the Video Edge category for Streaming for Video, a service that delivers any size data and virtually unlimited bit-rate video with near-zero latency over the internet. Future’s Product Innovation Award recognizes excellence in manufacturing of products to serve the TV/pro video and radio/online audio industries. Winners are selected by a panel of professional users and evaluation criteria include innovation of concept and design, creative use of technology, price value, and suitability for use in a broadcast TV/pro video or broadcast/online radio environment.

IBC 2018 Best of show

TVBEurope awarded IBM Aspera a Best of Show Award at IBC 2018: Delivery for Streaming for Video, a service that delivers any size data and virtually unlimited bit-rate video with near-zero latency over the internet. In 2018, the TVBEurope awards were broken down into three distinct categories: Production & Post; Content Management; and Delivery & Distribution.


IABM awarded IBM Aspera and Telestream a BaM award in the Project, collaboration or event category for enabling new and revolutionary workflows for real time remote production of live events. A quote from an interview conducted by IABM:

“The dream of remote production has been bedevilled by latency issues around file handling. This cooperative effort by Telestream removes this roadblock by enabling near-realtime editing on growing files remotely – a real breakthrough.”

Find out more in this short interview >>



The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) announced IBM Aspera Streaming for Video among the recipients of the organization's prized 2018 HPA Engineering Excellence Awards. The award was presented to IBM Aspera & Telestream for  Telestream Vantage with Lightspeed Live Capture powered by Aspera.

Video edge 2018 nab BEST OF SHOW AWARD

Video Edge awarded Aspera Best of Show for IBM Aspera on Cloud, a hosted SaaS offering to quickly, securely and reliably move your files and data sets of any size and type across a hybrid cloud environment. It unifies Aspera’s cloud solutions into a single offering with integrated reporting, advanced administration, and a new easy-to-use interface.


TVB Europe awarded Aspera Best of Show for its game-changing joint solution combining Telestream Vantage and Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture with Aspera FASPStream technology that offers an innovative approach to delivering broadcast-quality video streams from venue to remote production facility live, enabling remote, real time production editing and media processing workflows over unmanaged long-haul commodity Internet never before possible.


Government Video awarded Aspera Best of Show for its Aspera Transfer Service (ATS), a hosted multi-tenant software service running in the cloud that enables high-speed upload and download of large files and large data sets directly into your cloud object storage. Natively integrated into all leading cloud platforms, the service uses the patented Aspera FASP® high-speed transfer protocol, which allows customers to quickly move data of any size over any distance at line speed. Winners were selected based on their innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry.


Video Edge and Digital Video Magazine awarded Aspera Best of Show for the Aspera SaaS Files solution. Aspera Files™ is a groundbreaking SaaS offering for sharing large files and data sets directly from cloud-hosted and on-premises storage to anywhere and with anyone. It unifies Aspera’s most advanced core technologies, features, and capabilities into a simple-to-use cloud solution that helps businesses of any size – from the small organization to the global enterprise. Winners were selected based on their innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance for content owners.


StudioDaily award Aspera the Prime Award for Aspera Transfer Service (ATS). According to a judge, ATS is “valuable for any big company looking to move a lot of content securely and efficiently, especially if integrating via API into existing or evolving workflows. Its pricing allows companies to adopt an OPEX vs. CAPEX payment cycle, and the Aspera toolset is robust, scalable, and effective in its capability to get content around the world….every single time.” ATS is a hosted multi-tenant software service running in the cloud that enables high-speed upload and download of large files and large data sets directly into your cloud object storage. Natively integrated into all leading cloud platforms, the service uses the patented Aspera FASP® high-speed transfer protocol, which allows customers to quickly move data of any size over any distance at line speed. 


The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) announced Aspera FASPStream is among the recipients of the organization's prized 2016 HPA Engineering Excellence Awards. FASPStream is a turnkey application software enabling live streaming of broadcast-quality video globally over commodity Internet networks with glitch-free playout and negligible start-up time, reducing the need for expensive satellite-based backhaul, transport and distribution.  

 Charles S. Swartz Award 2016   HPA Charles Swartz Awards  


Aspera was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for its Aspera FASP core transport technology – an innovative high-speed data transfer software that has transformed the way media content is ingested, produced, managed, distributed and delivered today. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development Emmy is awarded for developments in engineering that are either so extensive an improvement on existing methods or so innovative in nature that they materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television. 



The winners of IABM’s highly prized Design & Innovation Awards were announced at IABM’s awards reception and ceremony on 10th September 2016 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam. The highly respected broadcast industry award recognises the ground-breaking, cloud-based solutions provided in partnership by BASE Media Cloud and Aspera. Centred on the revolutionary new Aspera Files SaaS platform, the unique pay-as-you-go service offered by BASE Media Cloud empowers content owners to securely receive, store and distribute unlimited amounts of file-based broadcast content via easy-to-use self-service web portals. 



Aspera FASPStream received a TVBEurope Best of Show award for IBC2016. The awards returned to Amsterdam to honor innovation and outstanding product development, with an independent panel of judges examining each nominated product throughout the course of the show. Products were judged according to a wide range of criteria, including ease of use/maintenance, performance against category standard, richness/relevance of the feature set, value/ROI, versatility, anticipated reliability and originality.



Aspera has won three Best of Show Awards announced at NAB 2016 for the new innovative FASPStream Software for live and near-live streaming of broadcast-quality content. The awards were presented by TV Technology, Digital Video magazine, and Streaming Media.




As the industry continues its move to more digital and non-linear means, the TVBEverywhere category pays homage to some of the cutting edge systems being used in programming and content provision across the industry. Aspera and Akamai's solution for Sky Italia was recognized for VoD/catch-up and mobile TV provisioning.


Aspera was honored with a TBVEurope Best of Show award for Aspera Files during IBC2015. The Best of Show Awards returned to IBC this year, and were presented to winning companies during the event by TVBEurope publisher NewBay Media. 


Aspera FASPStream was shortlisted for the CSI Award for best content-on-demand solution during IBC2015. 


“We consider Aspera to be an important business partner of ours. Not only does the technology have clear and demonstrable benefits but the company also listens to our feedback and has already incorporated changes based on our needs.” Jonathan Humphrey, IT Director at Codemasters