Aspera Labs

Welcome to Aspera Labs, a team of scientists and engineers within the Aspera team dedicated to understanding and developing solutions for the basic problems associated with large data, including access, analysis, visualization and transport. The team collaborates with academia, Aspera technology partners, and customers to carry out basic research that advances the state of the art and also benefits the operational capabilities and product excellence for Aspera. We welcome both permanent and part-time team members, internships for undergraduate and graduate students, and informal and formal collaborations with academia. For more information, please see the details below.

Big Data Team

The Big Data team is focused on solving fundamental problems around managing, analyzing, visualizing, and extracting useful information from large, diverse, distributed and heterogeneous data sets so as to: accelerate the progress of knowledge discovery and engineering innovation; and promote Aspera’s sustainable growth and data-driven decision making. In Aspera the candidate problem spaces range from analysis of the data associated with data transfer performance and network utilization, to product and customer usage patterns and troubleshooting patterns, to large scale market analysis. We are building centralized big data repositories in private and public cloud to spur innovation across entire ecosystems, spanning from analytics within each business department, to advanced, actionable and company-wide analytics, to an industry-wide ecosystem where companies and consumers can share data and expect a more-predictive analytic experience. We are interested in collaborations with fellow researchers and partners to develop novel algorithms, approaches, methodologies and systems to capture, analyze and visualize the information. To learn more about our team, to apply for a position, or to collaborate with us, please email us at

Transport Team

The transport team is focused on developing fundamental approaches to large scale data movement and transport including performance analysis over the wide range of IP network media and bandwidths, new transfer and synchronization algorithms and paradigms for extreme size data sets, novel rate, congestion and bandwidth control models and algorithms and novel techniques an systems for large scale regression analysis. To learn more about our team, to apply for a position, or to collaborate with us, please email us at