Transfer Management and Workflow Automation

For organizations whose business operations depend upon sophisticated orchestration of and real-time visibility into their file transfers, Aspera’s management and workflow automation applications provide end-to-end control of the high-speed transfer environment. These secure web-based applications enable easy workflow design and testing, real-time progress assessments, extensive reporting, and customizable alerting. Unlike traditional network monitoring and scripting tools, this visual toolset has been built for high-volume transfer environments that cross on-premise servers, Public clouds, Private clouds, and the Aspera Transfer Service.


Aspera Orchestrator is a web-based application and SDK platform for automating and orchestrating the Aspera file transfer environment. The latest release brings a fresh modern interface designed to speed development and ease administration of the more scalable process engine. New features have been introduced to support team collaboration during workflow design. Enhancements to the Platform APIs help customers programmatically monitor and control workflow execution at a granular level. The rich set of Plug-ins has been refined and expanded to include support for all Aspera file transfer products as well as additional 3rd party transcoding, media management, and utility toolsets. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera Console

Aspera Console is a web-based management application that provides complete visibility and control over your Aspera high-speed transfer environment. In recent months, Aspera introduced the ability to administer Aspera Transfer Clusters from within the Console. With this new capability comes an expanded security model that allows administrators to use the Node API for authentication and authorization. No longer requiring an on-premise database, administrators now have the option to use the Amazon Relational Database Service as the Console's database. Watchfolder service administration has also been expanded to support retries of failed drops in Watchfolder transfers. What's New


Virtual Catcher allows recipients such as regional MSO's and local network affiliates to receive digital packages sent from an Aspera server of a major broadcaster or content aggregator. The latest release surfaces a dashboard view into the progress of meeting file processing milestones. The packages can now be sent to multiple CMS systems with the new options to transport over SFTP or using CORBA. WHAT'S NEW