Aspera's groundbreaking SaaS solutions enable organizations to transfer, send and share large files and data sets – from any location, to anywhere, with anyone. Unifying our most advanced core technologies, features, and capabilities into these instantly available and easy to use services, working together seamlessly to eliminate the major problems of other file sharing solutions.


Aspera Files is a breakthrough SaaS platform for file sharing and collaboration, fully managed by Aspera, which allows organizations to manage and transfer any large content from any public cloud storage or on premise environment via a "single pane" including package sending and receiving, folder sharing, share to share transfer and private brandable workspace management. More than 30 new features including pay-as-you-go options, instant onboarding, and an online store make it ideal for the smallest to largest companies and continuous or project-only use: 

  • New subscription offerings for personal, business and enterprise customers with pure pay-as-you-go and volume commitment options ideal for the smallest start-up to the largest enterprise.
  • Self service Trial and Purchase available directly from the Aspera Online Store
  • Feature Enhancements around Collaboration, Security, Storage Management, File Management, User and Workspace Management. WHAT'S NEW
  • Client Options and Features 
    • Aspera Drive delivers an in-desktop experience for remote transfer, sync and package exchange from Windows explorer and the OS X finder
    • Aspera Connect provides collaboration capabilities via Browsers
    • Files Mobile extends the user collaboration possibilities for mobile devices.
  • Significant advances in the Files APIs allow for easy integration of the platforms into media and enterprise workflows, and 3rd-party platforms that need fast, easy, high-performance transfers. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera will also preview an upcoming new Streaming Service option in Files allowing users to configure live ingest streams and publish live video feeds powered by the Aspera fasp stream technology. WHAT'S NEW

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The Aspera Transfer Service is a hosted multi-cloud, multi-tenant software service that enables secure high-speed transfer of large files and data sets to, from, and across cloud infrastructure. Customers can access and use ATS either as a stand-alone platform solution or as a part of Aspera Files to enable the application to connect with and run on third party cloud platforms. Offering a host of unique and advanced capabilities for high speed bulk data transfer, Aspera has now launched ATS in the major storage regions in Amazon Web Services and IBM Bluemix with early access for Microsoft Azure and introducing support soon on the Google Cloud.

  • Direct to Cloud Technology - Aspera Files and ATS build upon Aspera's powerful Direct to Cloud Transfer Technology which has been expanded to included support for now 14 object storage environments included new additions and several new advanced features. What's New
  • Autoscaling Cluster Management Technology - Aspera's original elastic auto-scaling clustering technology has been enhanced to achieve over 20 Gbps scale out transfer capacity per region and 3 Gbps per session, with multiple new features in the latest release. WHAT'S NEW
  • Comprehensive Transfer, File Management and Reporting APIs - Real-time, fine grained transfer initiation, transfer status reporting, event monitoring, and usage reporting are available throughout these platforms thanks to the latest features in the Aspera Node API and a new Event Journal technology. WHAT'S NEW

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The latest version of Aspera Console adds support for connecting Aspera Files and any ATS subscription or other Node within Files to Console. Customers have the option to run their own Console or choose an Aspera managed Console instance as part of the Business and Enterprise Files Subscriptions. Connection is made via a secure access key for private reporting and management of all transfers within your subscription and allowing your partners to use Smart Transfer, hot folder and API automation to send to your configured storage on the platform. WHAT'S NEW