Aspera Enterprise File Sharing and Distribution applications help organizations collect, distribute and exchange large files and data sets across long distances. Leveraging Aspera’s patented FASP® transport technology, these applications deliver secure, reliable, ultra-fast transfers that can scale to support thousands of concurrent transactions. Deployable on premise and on public, private or hybrid cloud platforms, Aspera Enterprise File Sharing and Distribution applications are designed to support large, enterprise teams and their partners dispersed around the globe.

Web Applications


Aspera Files is a breakthrough SaaS platform for file sharing and collaboration, fully managed by Aspera, that allows organizations to manage and transfer any large content from any public cloud storage or on premise environment via a "single pane" including package sending and receiving, folder sharing, share to share transfer and private brandable workspace management. Over 30 new features, new pay-as-you-go options, instant onboarding, and a new online store make it ideal for the smallest to largest company and continuous or project-only use: 

  • New subscription offerings for personal, business and enterprise customers with pure pay-as-you-go and volume commitment options ideal for the smallest start-up to the largest enterprise.
  • Self service Trial and Purchase available directly from the Aspera Online Store
  • Feature Enhancements around Collaboration, Security, Storage Management, File Management, User and Workspace Management. WHAT'S NEW
  • Client Options and Features 
    • Aspera Drive delivers an in-desktop experience for remote transfer, sync and package exchange from Windows explorer and the OS X finder
    • Aspera Connect provides collaboration capabilities via Browsers
    • Files Mobile extends the user collaboration possibilities for mobile devices.
  • Significant advances in the Files APIs allow for easy integration of the platforms into media and enterprise workflows, and 3rd party platforms that need fast, easy, high performance transfer. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera will also preview an upcoming new Streaming Service option in Files allowing users to configure live ingest streams and publish live video feeds powered by the Aspera fasp stream technology. WHAT'S NEW

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Aspera Faspex

Aspera’s popular application for high-speed, secure file exchange has a number of key enhancements in the 4.1 release including improved enterprise user management, scheduled package sending, enhanced usability and administrative ease. The next generation API uses a pure REST model and allows Faspex to be used as a backend platform for distributed relay of package content between a network of Aspera servers. What's New

Desktop and Mobile Clients

Aspera Drive

Aspera Drive delivers an in-desktop experience for remote transfer, sync and package exchange from a Windows or OS X desktop. The new Aspera Drive 3.0 brings major new remote collaboration capabilities including check-in / check-out option to edit and easily replace the master version, new remote Share-to-Share transfer capabilities to enable local or global high-speed transfers, and new OS X Finder Mount capabilities to open and save remote files in the local application.


Faspex Mobile for iOS 3.1

Aspera Faspex Mobile for iOS is a small version enhancement primarily intended to support receiving packages sent to Faspex external users.


Faspex Mobile for Android 3.0

Aspera Faspex Mobile for Android 3.0 is a complete re-architecture of the Android Faspex client. It leverages and requires the Faspex 4.1 server-side API. The app UI has been updated to be consistent with the Android Material Design guidelines, like other newer Android apps from Aspera.


Files Mobile for iOS and Android 2.0

Files Mobile for iOS and Android 2.0 are major new versions of the Aspera Files apps targeted at providing complete support for package-oriented actions in conjunction with the Files SaaS solution. The new app expands on the earlier v1 app capability to send to public and authenticated invites by allowing package sending to any Files recipient, as well as viewing your Files package inbox and downloading items from there.


Enterprise Applications


Virtual Catcher allows recipients such as regional MSO's and local network affiliates to receive digital packages sent from an Aspera server of a major broadcaster or content aggregator. The latest release surfaces a dashboard view into the progress of meeting file processing milestones. The packages can now be sent to multiple CMS systems with the new options to transport over SFTP or using CORBA.