Complementing the successful integration with C-Cast used for live event distribution, EVS has added Aspera Connect Server support for C-Next, a plug-and-play solution that connects distant sites for full live production collaboration. By providing remote access to content produced at the event site to production teams at the Broadcast center, C-Next platform ensures efficiencies among staff and resources. Aspera's FASP protocol is being used to ingest large media files that would otherwise be untenable with existing file methods to provide joint customers with a smooth end to end contribution process.


Adding to the embedded offerings with Interplay Delivery, Transfer Manager, Interplay MAM and Media Composer, Aspera Sync has been integrated into Avid Nexis, a software-defined storage platform that enables storage virtualization for any media application for high-performance, multi-directional asynchronous Nexis-to-Nexis file replication. Aspera is an essential piece of the end to end workflow for a majority of Avid customer base, and adding support for Aspera for Nexis completes the full capability for the simple transfer, management and storage of assets.


Aspera Files has been integrated into and adopted as the backbone for the Telstra Global Media Network, a professional media contribution solution which enables broadcasters and content developers to take their content global. Custom-built for the media industry, the Telstra Global Media Network provides simple and efficient delivery of live and file-based video content by combining Telstra's world class network of global submarine cables, satellite stations, and broadcast operations into one solution.


Fortium’s products keep sensitive content secure through MediaSeal encryption at-rest. In 2017, it released Live Folders™ encryption on-the-fly to make protecting content easier. Customers can self-protect workflows by simply making any folder a Live Folder™ so any content they copy to, or create within, the live folder is automatically encrypted. Live Folder™ is a perfect fit with Aspera Faspex, Enterprise Server and Orchestrator to extend encryption beyond distribution to the recipient, keeping content permanently safe so files never reside in unencrypted form on disk, in transit or post-delivery. With cybersecurity threats alway increasing and accidental distribution risks always present, MediaSeal provides an essential guard for media professionals.


Aspera has qualified support for incremental market leading storage platforms including HGST's ActiveScale Archive that provides modular, S3-compliant object storage in a plug and play rack design for high scale capacity and performance. HGST, as well as EMC's Elastic Cloud storage, offering a turnkey solution for file, object storage and HDFS on a single platform, add to a long list of now fourteen public cloud and on premise object storage solutions that interoperate with Aspera direct-to-cloud storage software.

Rounding out the new storage partners includes storage solution Nexenta Stor from Nexenta, which offers a unified file and block storage service on industry standard hardware with all-flash, hybrid, and all-disk scaling.

Demonstrating their products and Aspera integrations in the 2017 NAB Aspera Partner Village will be strategic partners 5th Kind, Anomaly, Fortium Technologies, Irdeto, Pixit Media and SilverTrak.


For the distribution of high value assets, NexGuard File Embedder adds a unique, imperceptible video watermark to each content copy has integrated Aspera Faspex. With the real-time insertion of the watermark identified and the delivery of assets at maximum speed and complete built in transfer security, the partnership of Aspera and leading watermarking solutions such as NexGuard and Irdeto (announced in January 2016) are an ideal solution to combat piracy.