For this spring, IBM Aspera is highlighting new functionality designed to enable reliable movement of data and content with ever increasing speed. New core performance enhancements bring multi-Gbps transfer speeds to both public and private cloud environments. In preview are Aspera on Cloud automation capabilities, a new layer of cloud transfer security achieved through blockchain, and advancements in Aspera Streaming for Video. 

Facilitating cloud-based workflows

Across many industries, more organizations are moving to modern, cloud-based IT infrastructures to meet growing demands for scale and flexibility. New enhancements in Aspera on Cloud include:

  • New automation functionality coming soon that enables: 
    • users to quickly build and configure event-driven transfer workflows using an easy-to-use graphical workflow designer tool
    • organizations to streamline file delivery workflows by triggering transfers with an action such as a submission to a shared inbox or folder, or an API call, and generate notifications

  • Updates to the Activity app that offers comprehensive monitoring of transfer events, and significant visualization enhancements
  • A preview of Aspera on Cloud integrated with IBM Hyperledger, which provides an additional layer of security through the use of blockchain technology to enable a trusted exchange of high-value assets

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Delivering enhanced performance across the platform

New innovations in Aspera’s core technology and platform allow customers to reach ever increasing transfer speeds. Our latest advancements include:

  • Preview of the inclusion of Aspera multi-session transfer technology in Aspera Drive and Aspera Connect client applications 
  • New default encryption module built around AES-GCM, which improves encrypted transfer rates by up to 200% with significantly reduced CPU load
  • Preview of new Seamless Protection Switching capabilities that enable failover protection in the spirit of the SMPTE 2022-7 standard
  • Release of the first microservices-based version of the Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server on IBM Cloud Private

Expanding the accessibility of Aspera Streaming

Aspera continues to push into new realms with advancements in live and near-live video streaming at the highest bit-rates over commodity internet. This spring, we are offering:

  • A preview of new Aspera Streaming for Video capabilities in a beta release that enables full bi-directional communication that allows for flexible substitution for TCP across a variety of deployment environments
  • A preview of the easy-to-use web application in Aspera Streaming for Video that enables auto-discovery and full visibility of devices