The Aspera FASP Application suite is a versatile and fully-integrated suite of software products and SaaS Services that solve the wide range problems of moving bulk data including file transfer, file synchronization and data streaming, between standard host computers over commodity Internet, between any storage - cloud or on premise - with no size limits, at maximum speed independent of network distance, and with complete security.

Transfer Node Software 

Enterprise SerVer

Enterprise Server (with the Aspera Connect option), our universal transfer server software, is the foundation of the platform with major advancements across its core capabilities in version 3.7 supporting file transfer, synchronization and watchfolder automation, and live video and data streaming.

Enterprise Server can be deployed as a single node, as a static cluster, or managed by the Aspera Autoscale Cluster Manager platform for elastic scale up and scale down in virtualized/cloud environments, and interoperates with all object (cloud), NAS/SAN, and local storage. Customers can now use the Aspera Transfer Service SaaS platform, a clustered scale out transfer service operated by Aspera in all major public clouds, in addition to deploying Server nodes themselves. of Server nodes in all major public clouds. WHAT'S NEW 


Point-to-Point, a peer-based version of Enterprise Server, includes the same new feature set as Enterprise Server but is designed for system-to-system application cases - file transfer, synchronization, and streaming - where FASP sessions execute under a single user account. What's New

Fasp I/O Gateway

FASP I/O Gateway is a new simple software gateway for sending any local TCP video or data stream over the FASP protocol. It builds upon the next-generation FASP v4 protocol's fully bi-directional communication allowing FASP to substitute for TCP in any bulk transport application without modification. (In the current generation applications have to maintain their own separate control channel.) Transport IoT streams and live logging feeds for aggregation in cloud data analytics platforms, live video from RTMP & HTTP based media servers and transcoders, and support bulk replication over the WAN. Learn More

FASP Proxy

FASP Proxy is Aspera's high performance forward and reverse secure proxy of Aspera transfer sessions via secure edge-of-network environments. The latest capabilities extend it for universal support across a wide range of enterprise network environments. What's New

Web Applications

The Aspera Transfer Node software supports a suite of web applications and SaaS services that provide High Speed Transfer, File Sharing and Collaboration and Enterprise File Sharing and Distribution. The web applications seamlessly integrate the Node software, and create a single user interface for direct access and high speed transfer from any cloud or on premise storage.


Aspera Files is a breakthrough SaaS platform for file sharing and collaboration, fully managed by Aspera, that allows organizations to manage and transfer any large content from any public cloud storage or on premise environment via a "single pane" including package sending and receiving, folder sharing, share to share transfer and private brandable workspace management. Over 30 new features, new pay-as-you-go options, instant onboarding, and a new online store make it ideal for the smallest to largest company and continuous or project-only use: 

  • New subscription offerings for personal, business and enterprise customers with pure pay-as-you-go and volume commitment options ideal for the smallest start-up to the largest enterprise.
  • Self service Trial and Purchase available directly from the Aspera Online Store
  • Feature Enhancements around Collaboration, Security, Storage Management, File Management, User and Workspace Management. WHAT'S NEW
  • Client Options and Features 
    • Aspera Drive delivers an in-desktop experience for remote transfer, sync and package exchange from Windows explorer and the OS X finder
    • Aspera Connect provides collaboration capabilities via Browsers
    • Files Mobile extends the user collaboration possibilities for mobile devices.
  • Significant advances in the Files APIs allow for easy integration of the platforms into media and enterprise workflows, and 3rd party platforms that need fast, easy, high performance transfer. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera will also preview an upcoming new Streaming Service option in Files allowing users to configure live ingest streams and publish live video feeds powered by the Aspera fasp stream technology. WHAT'S NEW

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Aspera Faspex

Aspera Faspex is Aspera's popular package exchange and distribution platform for the Enterprise. The latest version 4.1 builds upon the new Faspex 4 APIs to provide fast, robust and easy files distribution over public Internet to Cargo, Drive and Virtual Catcher clients, in addition to end user downloads via the Connect browser plugin. Upstream applications can publish packages for immediate or future distribution to subscribed clients for high speed automatic download and complete end-to-end tracking. Users can distribute any digital asset - VoD files to affiliates, software and brand assets to retail endpoints, or game/software builds images to supply chain partners - and be assured of the fastest possible and reliable delivery. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera  Clients

The Aspera application suite includes a wide range of end-user client options for transfer, synchronization and new streaming support for access from any environment - desktop, browser, mobile, command line and embedded options. Basic Clients interoperate directly with the Enterprise Server nodes. The Advanced Clients are authorized and interoperate with the Aspera Web Applications.

Standard Clients

Desktop Client - Providing a full GUI for interactive transfer, queuing, and watch folders, version 3.7 includes new connection endpoints for the Aspera Transfer Service, new storage types for Azure and IBM Storage, and new secure storage of endpoint credentials via the OS keystore. Aspera is previewing a brand new integration of the new Aspera Watchfolder service with easy tracking of drops, file status, and summary activity.

Aspera Connect - Aspera's universal browser client version 3.7 removes all deprecated NPAPI use and provides a native browser plug-in using the state-of-the-art interfaces in Chrome and Firefox, in addition to Safari and MS IE/Edge. 3.7 also has no limits on the number of sessions displayed in the transfer UI and several enhancements in the JavaScript APIs. What's New Connect is a NEW lightweight browser plug-in that allows browser-based applications to stream broadcast-quality video over faspstream directly to the browser over global wide area networks. The plug-in has a simple XHR Javascript interface for embedding into media streaming workflows. Aspera will preview it with live and on demand streams. Learn More

Aspera CLI Unified - the new Aspera CLI package is a new combined installation of the key Aspera ascp, ascp4 and asperaclient binaries, which allow users to transfer with Aspera server, Shares, Faspex, and Files from the command line.

Aspera Mobile Uploader provides an easy standalone or skinnable upload application for sending directly to Aspera server nodes from iOS or Android devices. 

Advanced Clients

Aspera Drive delivers an in desktop experience for remote transfer, sync and package exchange from Windows explorer and the OS X desktop. Users can share and work together in their Aspera Files Workspace, Aspera Faspex or Aspera Shares including sending package from their desktop, browsing remote file shares and packages, drag and drop to send files in the infrastructure, or fast two way or one-way automatic sync. 

The NEW Drive 3.0 introduces major new collaboration features: a new checkout option allowing users to check out files and make local changes exclusively, while other users can continue to download and view the master copy without modification; a new mount in Finder allowing users to open remote files directly in the corresponding local application and save local files from their local application back to Aspera Drive with optional check in; and new share-to-share drag and drop enabling local or around-the-world high speed transfers directly from the user's desktop. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera Cargo, Aspera's automatic package delivery client with UI and headless management options, can not be run as a service on both OS X and Windows in addition to Linux.

Aspera Files Mobile  are brand NEW app versions for iOS and Android with comprehensive package sending and receiving over Aspera FASP on difficult mobile networks with full featured support for Aspera Files including options to send invitations to upload packages, send to Dropboxes, and send and receive personal packages. What's New

Aspera Faspex Mobile  are new app versions for package sending and receivign with Aspera Faspex, now bringing Android support to feature parity with the iOS version. What's New