What's New - Spring 2017

Aspera is introducing its most ambitious set of high-speed transfer software and workflow automation solutions ever, including a preview of a new streaming service for high-quality video and data streaming as well as new capabilities across the entire suite of applications and APIs including new SaaS services. 

Aspera Transfer Platform

The Aspera transfer platform is the the most advanced software solution available today for file transfer, synchronization, and now streaming of digital assets, allowing users and enterprises secure high speed movement of all of their data over any distance, to any environment, with none of the waiting.

  • Comprehensive support for file transfer, live streaming and data synchronization
  • Maximum transfer speed with predictable delivery rates at any distance
  • Maximum concurrency per host with 40 Gbps scale out and high availability
  • All storage systems (block, clustered and all cloud)
  • Open APIs across the entire platform
  • Flexible deployment options including Software-as-a-Service (all public clouds, multi-tenant), run-your-own software in the cloud (single tenant), and on premises deployment models.

The new pre-commit volume and pay-as-you subscriptions with new hybrid offering options allow you to combine these three deployment models.


The technology foundation of the latest generation of the transfer server software version 3.7, and the upcoming version 3.8, have major advancements including:

  • Core FASP transfer performance and security
  • Optimized scale-out options that can sustain 20 Gbps+ multi-session jobs across clustered cloud instances
  • Full multi-tenant management by access keys
  • New capabilities to transmit live video and data streams for universal delivery of any bulk streaming application over the WAN – including live video ingest and distribution, high-quality streaming to the browser, and live data ingest for big data analytics

To enable the most advanced and cloud-ready high-speed transfer platform, the core transfer services also include enhancements in high-speed file synchronization to both cloud and on premises (block) storage, Integration of the new high performance file system Watchfolder capability directly into the desktop GUI to support easy and advanced automation of transfer workflows, many new features in Autoscale cluster management in the cloud, significant enhancements in Direct-to-Cloud storage, and a new event journal service.

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The Aspera application suite is a versatile and fully-integrated suite of software products and SaaS Services that solve the wide range problems of moving bulk data including file transfer, file synchronization and data streaming, between standard host computers over commodity Internet, between any storage - cloud or on-premises - with no size limits, at maximum speed independent of network distance, and with complete security. New features and new additions for: 

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New Multi-Cloud SaaS Offerings

Aspera's groundbreaking SaaS solutions enable organizations to transfer, send and share large files and data sets – from any location, to anywhere, with anyone. Aspera Files SaaS is a rich, multi-tenant file sharing application service, which embeds the Aspera Transfer Service (ATS) that wraps the Aspera high-speed transfer platform into a service. ATS provides out-of-the-box support for all AWS and IBM Bluemix infrastructure regions and data centers, and provides early access for Azure and will support Google Cloud Storage soon. The service inter-operates with all core Aspera products, enabling transfers from on-premises server nodes and other cloud nodes. 

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New High-quality Data and Video Streaming

In 2016 Aspera introduced the FASPStream technology for transporting live broadcast-quality video and data feeds with guaranteed delivery rates independent of network round trip time and packet loss. This opened the possibility of using Aspera FASPStream endpoint software or the FASPStream SDK for streaming over global, commodity internet paths with extraordinary quality. Building upon this foundation, Aspera is previewing a new streaming platform with new technology that can support any streaming provider (live video or data from TCP as well as UDP sources) without modification, and across all platforms (browser, mobile and desktop). When integrated in the Aspera Files and Aspera Transfer Service SaaS platforms, this technology offers first ever end-to-end live data and streaming services that can maintain delivery rates and yield high quality streaming over global Internet distances. Applications include:

  • Live broadcast stream ingest as RTMP, HTTP, or MPEG-TS for cloud transcoding, and redistribution to affiliates
  • Live or On-Demand HTTP media streaming with broadcast/4K quality over Internet to affiliates
  • Aggregation of live logging / IoT data from remote clients to cloud-based data analytics, stream processing platforms, & cloud storage

New Transfer Management and Automation

Aspera has recently expanded its management and workflow automation applications to support new deployment options, advance development and reporting capabilities, and further support fine-grained control over the execution environment.

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powered by asperaNEW PARTNER SOLUTIONS

Aspera technology continues to expand across third-party offerings that power new cutting-edge solutions for the digital media industry. Adding to Aspera's 100+ company partnership ecosystem, additional integrated offerings are now available for deployment from dominant media and entertainment vendors. Leaders such as Avid, EVS, and Telstra are just a few of the very latest joint solutions available. 

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The Aspera SDK available on the Aspera Developer Network offers an open platform to integrate Aspera's transfer capabilities with desktop, web, server and cloud media management systems of all kinds. New APIs are available for Aspera Files SaaS, Aspera Shares, FASPStream , Connect, and Faspex in addition to the core underlying transfer technology of FASPManager and Node Gen 4 APIs. 


Summary of What's New

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