Ascp 4 is a FASP transfer program similar to the standard Ascp, but that has been optimized for sending very large sets of individual files and can support UDP multicast. Both Ascp 4 and ascp are automatically installed with Aspera Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point, and Desktop Client applications. The architecture transfers one million (1MM) files per minute for even the smallest file sizes (e.g. <10KB) and achieves > 5Gbps transfer rates for global RTT and packet loss conditions (200ms / 2%). See Ascp 4's Performance Benchmarks.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely fast small file transfers to cloud storage 10-100X faster than S3 HTTP multipart over WAN (250-500 files transferred per second for throughputs greater than 500 Mbps for files of average size <=10 KB).
  • File metadata is sent over the FASP transport channel, alongside the data, eliminating the per-file overhead of sending this metadata on TCP.
  • Additionally read/write I/O is highly parallelized and chunk sizes are configurable, allowing for maximum per file open rates for even the smallest files.
  • Pipelined file I/O mechanism feeds incoming chunks through compression, encryption and transfer as they are coming in from disk.
  • The number of parallel I/O threads is configurable.
  • Integrated in Aspera Console for transfer initiation, control and reporting.
  • Supports resumable transfers
  • Configurable overwrite policies and skip saving of existing files
  • Direct to cloud storage transfer support