Sports broadcasting

In the world of sports, fans have an ever-growing appetite for rich video content delivered in minutes, not hours. To meet the needs of these demanding viewers in this hyper-competitive market, sports broadcasters and distributors cannot accept any trade-off between quality and speed to market.  This is especially true for coverage of major sporting events like the World Cup and Olympics that draw hundreds of millions of viewers who tune in or log on and expect the highest quality video content available.

Aspera’s software has transformed the digital media supply chain, connecting live sporting events with production teams, distributors, and viewers, making it possible for sports broadcasters and distributors to rapidly expand the available content, and deliver content more quickly, with new workflows that often span the globe. The results are significantly reduced operating costs, dramatically accelerated times to market, and happy and loyal viewers. 

Working in tandem with leading broadcast and media production partners like EVS and Avid, Aspera’s software solutions have been deployed by BT Sport, United European Football Associates (UEFA), NBC in support of the Olympics, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), broadcasters in support of the FIFA World Cup, and MSG Varsity to name a few.



  • Accelerated Content Delivery: Provide viewers with more quality content by enabling the transfer of terabytes of HD video clips across the world at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions.
  • Digital workflow automation: Seamlessly automate the collection, processing, and distribution of large volumes of file-based digital assets using our high speed transport solutions that integrate with any digital asset management, transcoding, QC, and business workflow system.
  • Faster Transport to Cloud Infrastructures: Aspera On-Demand moves data to the cloud without requiring costly infrastructure implementations so customers can take full advantage all cloud computing benefits.
  • Better tracking: Detailed monitoring through Aspera Console to more effectively manage and track the status of incoming file transfers and troubleshoot if required.
  • Bandwidth control: Exert extraordinary bandwidth control by setting transmission rates to accommodate heavy traffic or prioritize important deliveries.
  • Bulletproof Security:  Provides protection of master content including in-flight and at rest encryption, data integrity, content storage, and user access control.



In no area more than live sports is high definition quality so prized. HD production, the tremendous efficiency of file-based workflows, and the convergence of online and traditional broadcast have led league networks such as the NBA and Turner Sports, and one major US-based sports television station to invest in high bandwidth networks, and fully optimize their transfer capacity with Aspera’s high-performance file transport. EVS, a leading broadcast technology company, has partnered with Aspera to embed the patented FASP™ software for high-speed digital transfers in its C-Cast second-screen solution, part of a large portfolio of production solutions for live and near-live broadcast applications.

Cloud-enabled content delivery

Sports content delivery represents one of the most compelling uses of cloud-based systems given the common spikes in consumed media that occur, particularly for major sporting events or tournaments like the UEFA Euro2012, which set the record for highest aggregate attendance of any sporting event in history.  Solutions like Aspera’s Server On Demand and faspex on Demand enable content distributors to massively scale up their systems and infrastructure quickly to transport terabytes of data to, from and across cloud platforms like Amazon, Google, SoftLayer or Windows Azure for a fraction of the cost and then wind down systems as content delivery dissipates.

Live sports streaming via the clouD

With Aspera’s innovative FASPStream API, in collaboration with video processing technology partners such as by Elemental, Broadcasters can now stream live from camera to viewers over cloud infrastructure and public IP networks. On location cameras can send live video streams at high-speed via FASP across the WAN to cloud infrastructure providers such as IBM SoftLayer, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud, running Aspera On Demand, to in-line transcoding video processing technology for subsequent play out in near real time to connected devices. By enabling the encoding process to begin while the transfer is still in progress, broadcasters reduce the end-to-end processing time, which dramatically accelerates final delivery or play-out to viewers everywhere.


Sports broadcasters ranging from independent regional operators to network powerhouses rely on Aspera software to transfer file-based news content from the field – including some of the most remote regions of the world — and report tremendous performance gains over FTP. Aspera transfer efficiency holds over satellite and wireless networks plagued with high packet loss rates and large round-trip delays.


In-house systems rely on Aspera to provide maximum efficiency and reliability without the expense and complexity of replicating asset stores in multiple regions or investment in content delivery networks. Leading vendors such as North Plains, OpenText and Vfinity offer high-speed ingest and distribution of large media files, powered by Aspera technology.  With the addition of Aspera on Demand solutions, customers have even more flexibility to quickly transport large files and datasets anywhere in the cloud or on premises with centralized access that is seamless to the user.  

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"With Aspera, we don’t have to wait on a third party to move our content around. We’re now in control of our own destiny."
Scott McBurney, Assistant Commissioner for Advanced Media, ACC