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Retailers generate, manage and analyze more data than ever before. Large media files and brand assets need to be shared with global stores and vendors for the latest campaign or product launch and volumes of customer and store data need to be collected for retail data analytics. Moving these large files and data sets over global WANs quickly and securely is a major challenge. As the market leader in bulk data movement, Aspera enables retailers to improve the shopping experience with superfast, large file sharing and sending, anywhere in the world.

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Retail Store Experience Retail and Customer Analytics Faster Retail Campaigns
Improve the Customer Experience
Enhance Customer and Retail Insights Respond to Consumer Trends Faster
Send large media files and assets to global stores faster and at a reduced cost, making it easy to ensure brand consistency and refresh stores with the latest content. Quickly and reliably aggregate huge volumes of customer, vendor and retail data across global stores, datacenters or the cloud, accelerating analytics and decision making. Improve global collaboration with fast file sharing, so marketing teams can launch ad campaigns in less time and buyers and designers can bring new product to market faster.


Use Cases

Distributing Software and Media Files to Retail Stores

Retailers need to send large media and software files to hundreds of stores to refresh digital signage, maintain brand consistency and update store systems. Aspera software delivers content to stores hundreds of times faster than FTP and cloud file sharing tools and at a fraction of the cost of satellite. With Aspera’s SDKs retailers can add high-speed transfer capabilities to existing brand portals, asset management and retail file sharing software.

Marketing Campaign Collaboration

Sharing and exchanging campaign and brand assets across global ad agencies, vendors and marketing teams is a challenge given the transfer distance and growing sizes of HD video and image files. As a result, retailers struggle to turn around campaigns quickly, potentially missing out on important trends. Aspera high-speed file sharing enables global marketers to collaborate in real time to bring new campaigns to market in record time.

Retail Data Collection And Analytics

Aspera software quickly and securely aggregates large volumes of customer, sales and other retail data from global stores and datacenters at high-speed, regardless of distance or network condition. Pairing with Aspera Orchestrator streamlines store data collection and analytics workflows with rules based transfer automation so retailers can accelerate analytics and decision making.

Global Product Design and Sourcing

Buyers, designers and merchandisers often need to collaborate across continents to find and create the next hit product but lose days waiting for product samples, swatches and designs to ship across global sites. Teams using Aspera software can securely and reliably send and share large design files and HD video and images of product samples at high-speed, replacing slow, costly shipments and bringing new products to market faster.

Digital Planogram Compliance

Aspera high-speed ingest into cloud or on-premises storage makes sharing and sending large video and image files between HQ and many retail stores quick, secure and easy, helping to streamline planogram compliance and ensure a consistent, quality store experience.

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"Aspera's transport technology stands out as the emerging standard with a majority of our media partners.” Martin Brannigan, Head of Broadcast Operations at Sky Italia