Transfer large files and data sets at maximum speed in the Oil and Gas Industry

In digitally-connected exploration and production, enormous amounts of data are created.  A single well can generate upwards of a terabyte of data daily and seismic exploration data sets can easily reach several terabytes in size. Aspera software enables Oil & Gas companies to transfer large files and data sets at maximum speed, fully utilizing the available bandwidth, regardless of file type, size, transfer distance or network conditions, reducing turnaround times for gathering, processing and distribution, alleviating expensive IT infrastructure upgrades, and eliminating the need for slow, costly shipments.


data acquisition

Aspera enables the quick and efficient transfer of any sized remote sensing data from anywhere in the world (including land, water, and air) to any infrastructure (including cloud and on-premise locations) using any network connection (including satellite, 3G or 4G, Wi-Fi, and fiber).  Data can be sent securely, at high-speed with predictable delivery times, thus eliminating the cost, delays, and risks associated with physical media shipments.

maximize hpc utilization

To shorten processing times, large unprocessed pre-stack data can be sent to HPC centers around the world for staging and analysis.  Utilizing Aspera high-speed transfer, you can balance processing loads, leverage underutilized computing resources, and optimize processing across High Performance Computing (HPC) centers.

simplify and optimize data distribution

With Aspera, you can enable fast and secure distribution and exchange of post-stack data over global distances to be shared with geophysicists, petroleum engineers and other service providers to determine the next course of action. Aspera can transfer data to on premise private data centers and to public, private, or hybrid cloud platforms.

Improve business continuity

Petabyte-sized production file systems can be mirrored to offsite systems using Aspera Sync high-performance synchronization and replication software. High-speed replication from primary to backup sites completes within small operational windows ensuring data and applications are protected within stringent recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO), enable the data to be available even after a system outage or site loss. 

key Benefits

  • Transfer pre-stack data gathered from land, offshore, and aerial locations at speeds faster than FTP and HTTP.
  • Balance processing load, leverage underutilized computing resources, and optimize processing across High Performance Computing (HPC) centers.
  • Distribute and exchange large post-stack data sets over global distances.
  • Protect against unplanned outages or data loss with Aspera Sync, which can replicate petabytes of data and tens of millions of files to Disaster Recovery locations at high-speed.
  • Secure valuable digital assets with bulletproof security for transport, data integrity, data encryption and user access control.
  • Utilize existing infrastructure to support any deployment scenario including on premise and on public, private or hybrid cloud deployments.

READY for high-speed data transfer in oil and gas?

Aspera software can help you address the complexities associated to capture, transport, processing and distribution of your data and information. Experience our innovative data transfer solutions by contacting the Aspera sales team and requesting your free software evaluation today.

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