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Accelerating Life Sciences with High-Speed Research Data Sharing

Recent advancements in research technology – such as next generation genomic sequencing and super-resolution microscopy – provide researchers with mountains of digital information. To develop breakthrough treatments, global researchers, labs and medical facilities need to quickly process, analyze and securely share large volumes of scientific & clinical research data. As the leader in bulk data movement, Aspera helps life sciences companies accelerate their R&D with superfast, secure big data transfers to and from anywhere in the world.

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Improve Global R&D & Speed-up Time to Market Uncover Breakthroughs in Science & Medicine Protect Confidential Research and Patient Data
Improve research collaboration with superfast, large file & data sharing across continents. Reduce downtime waiting for research accelerating R&D cycles & time to market. Easily & quickly move large sets of scientific data from labs to remote HPC resources and cloud bioinformatics platforms, thus speeding up analysis & new discoveries. Transfer data with robust encryption, authentication, admin controls and reporting to help meet HIPAA security requirements and prevent unauthorized access.


Use Cases

Global Research Collaboration

Worldwide teams of researchers, medical professionals and third-party vendors need to share large volumes of biological data and scientific research to discover new therapies. Aspera’s secure file transfer and sharing software improves collaboration with speeds up to hundreds of times faster than FTP while mitigating the risk and cost of shipping hard drives.

Next Gen Sequencing and Mass Spectrometry Data Collection

Collecting terabytes of genomic and proteomic data from high-throughput DNA sequencing and mass spectrometry facilities can take days with FTP over wide area networks impeding scientific research. In just minutes or hours, laboratories using Aspera’s high-speed transfer software can reliably distribute large omics data from remote production sites to teams around the world.

Big Data Bioinformatics

Uploading terabytes of genomic, proteomic, clinical and other data into cloud bioinformatics platforms or offsite HPC servers is slow & impractical using FTP tools or hard drive shipments. Data scientists & clinicians using Aspera can accelerate the movement of research data across bioinformatics workflows. Additionally, Aspera SDKs integrate superfast transfer into existing analytics software.

Microscopy and Medical Imaging Distribution

With Aspera, researchers and medical professionals can quickly and securely transfer, sync or stream large packages of high definition 3D and 4D microscopy and medical images across global medical centers, clinics and labs. Near-real time image sharing expedites critical research and diagnoses while robust security and encryption helps meet strict security requirements outlined by HIPAA.

Medical Device Engineering and Production

Global teams of engineers, researchers and physicians need to work together to prototype, develop and test medical devices prior to production. Aspera’s high-speed collaboration software accelerates the sharing and synchronization of large CAD files, software code, engineering artifacts and clinical data over wide area networks to compress development & production cycles.

Customer Success Stories

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The European Molecular Biology Laboratory replaces FTP with Aspera, enabling global researchers to share big scientific data 100x faster

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KingMed Diagnostics in China improves patient diagnoses by using Aspera to share large images with pathologists at University of Pittsburgh

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BGI integrates Aspera transfer software to power high-speed transfers of genomics data into their cloud-based genomics bioinformatics platform

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“Our purpose is to provide DNA information and an analysis environment to researchers as quickly as possible. With Aspera we are able to consistently transfer at our full available bandwidth of 1Gbps while respecting other traffic. And… our researchers are able to immediately move data online without a great deal of training.”Professor Toshihisa Takagi at NIG’s DNA Data Bank of Japan