Reshaping the Future of Insurance with High-speed Data Transfer

The insurance industry is rapidly evolving. Online policy tools are changing the way customers interact with carriers, sensor technology is helping insurers personalize coverage and big data analytics is improving everything from underwriting to fraud detection. As a result, insurers are collecting and analyzing more data than ever before, yet they lack an effective way to quickly and securely move and share their growing data and files. As the leader in bulk data movement, Aspera is helping insurers meet these needs with fast, secure data sharing and transfers, anywhere in the world, no matter how large the files.

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Streamline Claims Reporting and Processing Improve Claims, Customer & Underwriting Analytics Improve the Customer Experience 
Enable self-service, reduce costly in-person inspections and greatly accelerate claims with Aspera’s fast and reliable large file and video sharing over mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Reduce turnarounds on big data analytics by quickly gathering large sets of data in analytics servers & sharing findings with remote agents, investigators and decision makers at maximum speed. Update customer facing applications faster with high-speed delivery of bulk policy, claims & insurance data across datacenters & systems. Digitize insurance activities with fast, secure file sharing.


Use Cases

Mobile Claims Video and Image Sharing

Policyholders want to settle claims as soon as possible. In response, carriers are developing apps that enable customers and field appraisers to document and manage claims from their mobile device. However, uploading and downloading mobile HD video and high res images can be impractical over cellular networks and slow over Wi-Fi. Integrating Aspera’s Mobile SDK into smartphone applications improves reliability and accelerates transfers 3x faster over cellular networks and 100x faster over Wi-Fi networks.

Policy and Claims Batch Processing

Many core insurance processes – such as policy administration and claims processing – are executed and updated in bulk batches overnight. This requires moving large transactional and customer data across policy systems, global datacenters, and processing vendors within tight SLAs. Legacy FTP tools struggle to keep up with bulk deliveries as file sizes grow exponentially resulting in unsettled accounts and outdated customer facing systems. With Aspera high-speed transfers, large batch deliveries can be sent at maximum speed with guaranteed delivery over any network. 

Insurance Big Data Analytics

In an effort to improve underwriting, fraud detection and marketing, insurance carriers are pooling thousands of traditional data points such as credit scores and driving records with new data sources such as vehicle, home & health sensors, weather patterns, and social media for big data analytics. However, aggregating these large volumes of silo’ed data is unreliable and impractical with FTP-based transfer tools. Using Aspera’s software solutions, carriers can transfer big data over global networks at high speed, making it easy to quickly ingest data for analytics and deploy findings back out to underwriting, marketing, claims and investigations in the field.

Drone Video Inspections for Underwriting & Claims

For hard to reach inspection locations (e.g. commercial roofs) and dangerous sites (e.g. building rubble post-disaster), drone aerial reviews can save time, money and reduce the risk of in-person inspections. Insurance carriers adopting drones for underwriting and claims surveillance will need to determine how they plan to manage the distribution of large HD video packages from remote locations or over the air to their processing centers. Aspera transfer software accelerates video distribution hundreds of times faster over global networks allowing insurers to keep claims and underwriting moving forward around the clock.


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