Accelerating Automotive Innovation with High-speed Big Data Transfer

In the era of connected cars, automotive companies are collecting more data than ever before. From vehicle telematics to simulation results, large volumes of data are being shared across global development teams, manufacturing sites & business leaders to keep production on track. With data sets growing, automakers need to find new ways to accelerate the movement of critical data. As the leader in bulk data movement, Aspera is helping automakers move and share their big data with superfast, secure data transfers anywhere in the world, no matter how large the files and data sets.

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Improve Engineering & Development Accelerate Vehicle Innovation  Avoid Costly Production Delays
Produce vehicles faster with high-speed file sharing across global engineering, testing & production teams. Reduce the downtime waiting for the latest engineering builds to arrive from remote teams. Develop new innovations by collecting TBs of data in big data analytics servers at max speed. Deploy findings to global development teams faster allowing them to rapidly iterate & innovate. Keep production running around the clock with super-fast delivery of critical design files to manufacturing sites across the world. No need to halt production waiting for firmware or design updates.


Use Cases

Global Vehicle Development

With manufacturing sites, engineering teams and test facilities spread across the globe, automakers need to ensure critical files and data can be shared at high-speed to keep production schedules on track. Aspera’s suite of collaboration solutions empowers global development teams to securely share production data, simulation test results and engineering files such as CAD models and firmware packages, of any size, at maximum speed, independent of network conditions. 

Automotive Big Data Analytics

To uncover the latest innovations, improve vehicle features and maximize production, automakers are ingesting terabytes of production, supply chain, simulation and engineering data into HPC analytics servers. However, aggregating these large volumes of data from remote servers around the world is unreliable and impractical with FTP-based transfer tools. Using Aspera software automotive companies can transfer large volumes of data over global networks at high speed, making it easy to quickly and reliably ingest data for analytics and deploy findings back out to teams in the field.

Marketing Asset Distribution

From 4K videos of the latest model racing around the track to software for customizing their next car, customers expect rich multimedia experiences throughout the purchase journey. Marketing teams need to develop & distribute large digital assets such as HD commercials, high res photos, press kits, and other rich media files to vendors, PR teams, dealerships and other retail partners. Slow transfer speeds waste a lot of time uploading and downloading assets and shipping media is a costly, logistical nightmare. Aspera Files allows marketing teams to securely share large files with anyone, anywhere in the world, at high-speed.

Vehicle Data Collection & Distribution

From telematics to maintenance logs, connected cars are uploading more data over wireless networks than ever before. Additionally, downstream content to cars such as media entertainment and navigation updates are rapidly increasing in size and volume. With the amount of data distributed across vehicle networks growing exponentially, mobile transfer speeds are slowing to a crawl and timing out. By employing Aspera’s Mobile SDK, vehicle data can be sent reliably at speeds 3x faster over cellular networks and 100x faster over Wi-Fi networks.


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