Goodbye FTP.  Hello Aspera Shares™

FTP Makes Way for Aspera Advanced Transport Technology

We started with our innovative high-speed data transport, FASPTM, and added an easy-to-use user interface and a powerful security model. The result: a complete solution that is faster, more secure, more reliable, and easier to use.


Built on top of FASP, uploads and downloads are up to hundreds of times faster than FTP, regardless of the data size, distance, or network conditions.


The powerful and flexible security model offers complete control over end user access and operations, with built-in encryption over the wire and at rest.


File transfers occur with maximum bandwidth efficiency and are stable, robust and predictable, even for the largest files and data sets and networks with the worst conditions.  It just plain works.

Easy to Use

Our intuitive user interface offers powerful search capabilities to find the right files and easily initiate high-speed uploads or downloads with just a few clicks.

Aspera Shares

Aspera Shares is designed for companies that need to transfer and share large files and directories within their organization or with external customers and partners. A single web interface consolidates browsing across all shared content and a powerful and flexible security model provides a single management point combining authorization, user management, and access control.

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Ready to Say Goodbye to FTP?

Organizations across a variety of industries on six continents rely on Aspera software for the business-critical transport of their digital assets. Experience the file transfer solution you've been waiting for by contacting sales and requesting a software evaluation.

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Customer Success Story

“Aspera’s technology not only provides significantly faster transmission speeds, which reduce the margin for error but also includes comprehensive security and data verification schemes to ensure that the possibility of corruption is reduced significantly.” Jonathan Humphrey, IT Director at Codemasters