High-Speed Data Migration to the Cloud

While the cloud offers many benefits, moving your data to the cloud can be challenging. Traditional transfer software technologies are slow and unreliable, and shipping physical disk storage is time consuming and exposes your data to unnecessary security risks. Aspera offers high-speed data transfer that uses the public Internet to securely and reliably migrate large amounts of data to, from, or between any major cloud.


Dramatically reduce your migration window

Aspera offers unrivaled performance for transferring large files and large collections of files across any distance to, from or between clouds. By fully utilizing available bandwidth, transmissions achieve substantially higher speeds than traditional network transfer technologies. Over a 10Gbps network, organizations can move 100TB in 24 hours regardless of round-trip delay or packet loss. Aspera’s clustering technology means that this number scales linearly with available bandwidth, and the small window minimizes the opportunity for data to get out of sync during migration. Upon completion, data synchronization with the cloud can easily continue via network transfers.

Lower your migration costs using a streamlined direct-to-cloud transfer

Typical file transfer acceleration "gateways" upload data to cloud object storage in 2 phases, significantly slowing the transfer and increasing costs related to cloud storage and compute time. These technologies first upload the data over the wide area network and write it to local vm-attached storage in the cloud. They next copy the data to the target object storage.

Aspera’s unique direct-to-cloud transport technology moves data from the client all the way into the cloud storage layer, with no stop-offs in between. A single data transfer session allows Aspera to consistently deliver high speeds along the entire data path.

Eliminate the risks associated with physical disk shipments

Enterprise-grade security protects valuable data during the entire transfer. Aspera’s technology platform supports a complete end-to-end security model: authentication, encryption in-transit and at-rest using strong cryptography, data integrity verification to protect against man-in-the middle attacks, and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Supported Scenarios

On-premises to Cloud

Cloud to On-premises

Cloud to Cloud

Aspera is installed onto an on-premises server. The server connects to the Aspera Transfer Service. Content is uploaded to the cloud. Aspera is installed onto an on-premises server. The Aspera Transfer Service connects to the on-premises server. Content is downloaded from the cloud. The Aspera Transfer Service is configured to transfer to the target cloud. Content is transferred between clouds.

Scalable, reliable and ultra-fast migration to cloud object storage

  • Performance at any distance – Maximum transfer speed of large files, independent of round-trip delay and packet loss.
  • Large directories of small files – Support for directories containing any number of individual files, even for very large numbers of very small files.
  • Adaptive bandwidth control – Network and disk congestion control provides automatic adaptation of transmission speed to available network b/w and I/O throughput to/from the storage platform.
  • Automatic resume – Automatic retry and checkpoint resume of any transfer from point of interruption.
  • Concurrent transfer support – Auto scale transfers using dynamic, real-time scaling and automatic load balancing.
  • Direct-to-cloud transfer – Native integration with cloud storage APIs ensures data is written directly to the object store and becomes immediately available when the transfer completes.

Instant access to the industry-leading cloud providers

  • Support for leading public clouds - IBM Bluemix, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Platform-specific role based access control - Connect to cloud storage via its native identity system.
  • Support for advanced cloud storage features - AWS S3, Glacier, Infrequent Access, Reduced Redundancy, and KMS (Server side key), Azure Files storage and Cool Storage.

End-to-end security that protects content throughout the process

  • Built-in encryption – Built in over-the-wire encryption and encryption-at-rest.
  • Secure authentication and access control – Built in multi-tenant support implemented using private cloud credentials. Support for configurable read, write, and listing access per user account.
  • Integrity Verification - Data integrity verification for each transmitted block.

Deployment options that fit your unique migration environment

  • Leverage Aspera SaaS solutions, provision a dedicated environment, or combine the two to create the right solution for your requirements.
  • Automate the migration using a powerful workflow engine and a set of pre-built, customizable workflows.
  • Ability to access real-time dashboards that show all transfer activity and allow full control over file transfers, priority, and bandwidth control.
  • Sync your data with the cloud once it’s been migrated.
  • Get started quickly by tapping into the expertise and best practices of Aspera's professional services team.