Legal & eDiscovery

eDiscovery service providers, law firms, and corporate in-house legal teams need to rapidly collect, process, and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI). When ESI data is located remotely, obtaining and transferring files over wide-area networks (WANs) poses fundamental challenges. The WANs connecting locations—from remote offices to central facilities to partner companies—often vary in speed and quality, causing conventional transfer tools to fail or be rendered impractical.

With legal and eDiscovery teams facing shortened timeframes to collect, prepare, and deliver case strategies for litigation, relying on FTP or stewarding hard drive disks is fraught with risk. What if the transfers or disks don’t arrive on time? Worse, what if critical data arrives damaged, corrupted, or doesn’t arrive at all?


A proven standard for high-speed data transport in many industries (media & entertainment, federal government, life sciences, global enterprise), Aspera technology enables predictable, secure, location-independent and automated movement of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) of any size and file format for law firms, eDiscovery service providers and corporate legal teams—over any distance and network, at maximum speed. With a complete portfolio of software products built on its patented fasp™ transport protocol, Aspera provides high-speed file transfer solutions that are ideally suited for a variety of legal and eDiscovery applications.


  • Enable geographically distributed collaborative teams to exchange very large data sets at maximum speed, regardless of distance and network conditions.
  • Utilize proven, secure and reliable transfer technology, widely adopted by government agencies and throughout many industries for business-critical data movement.
  • Integrated superior transport capabilities to your systems, services and hardware devices via industry-leading open APIs.


Remote data collection

When data needs to be collected from remote locations over a range of network conditions, Aspera provides predictable, secure, high-speed file transfer solutions to obtain assets over any distance in support of data gathering for legal holds, cloud ingest for eDiscovery, copy of large data volumes from one facility to another and integration with remote collection and preservation tools to obtain assets over wide area networks

High-speed file upload/download

When files must be rapidly uploaded or downloaded, the Aspera Connect Server makes it easy to complement or replace conventional file transfer tools such as FTP. Built on Aspera’s patented fasp™ technology, the Aspera Connect Server provides a web-based platform for incorporating high-speed upload and download capabilities into web portals for high-speed contribution of ESI for processing.

Collaborative review and analysis

Once files have been collected and processed, legal teams must often collaborate with other individuals or teams within or outside an organization to ensure information accuracy and review case-specific documents. The Aspera faspex™ solution provides person-to-person file sharing and collaboration—from anywhere globally—through an easy-to-use, familiar, web browser interface, a mobile app on iOS and Android devices or even directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Automated ESI processing and distribution

In scenarios where files need to be delivered in bulk from one business location to another, Aspera provides a flexible and comprehensive set of file processing and distribution tools. Aspera products are used to schedule, initiate, or automate the distribution of files point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or through remote directory synchronization techniques using Aspera Sync software.

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