Aspera technology enables predictable, secure, location-independent, and automated movement of files and datasets of any size and format for federal agencies and public sector organizations worldwide. In use and accredited for SIPRNET and JWICS, FIPS 140-2 compliant, Aspera software has been thoroughly vetted by the intelligence community for large data transfers over even the most difficult military networks and is deployed in support of mission-critical operations, transferring terabytes of data every day.

Aspera's flagship universal file transfer server software won the Best of FOSE Award in the Best Enterprise Software category.


  • Enable large file exchanges on even the most challenging networks plagued with high packet loss ratios and extended round trip delays. Aspera fasp™ achieves full utilization of available bandwidth on links of 500 ms RTT and 30% packet loss, and higher.
  • Effectively replace physical transport of hardware devices containing file-based intelligence with high-speed data transfer at global distances.
  • Provide field units simple, lightweight, access-on-demand software solutions capable of full link capacity transfer rates over networks ranging from Kilobits to Gigabits per second.
  • Utilize proven, secure and reliable transfer technology: SIPRNET/JWICS approved, FIPS 140-2 compliant, sponsored for Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN); JDISS Certificate to Field (CtF), available via NASA SEWP (GSA IT Schedule 70 coming soon).











REplacement for legacy FTP and email-driven file transfer

Aspera solutions can be deployed within a single organization or across multiple agencies to facilitate collaboration by enabling fast and secure exchange of files and data sets of any size, across diverse networks, infrastructures and devices. All data movement activity is easily monitored, managed and audited centrally. Aspera deployments scale for large user populations, with centralized access control and standard directory services integration.

Intelligence Data Collection

Aspera software is used to move satellite imagery and surveillance video in predictable time frames from operational locations to central command and other analysis centers. With lives literally at stake, intelligence agencies are able to collect, analyze and distribute mission-critical information to the field faster and more reliably than ever before. Many DoD, intel and federal civilian agencies have deployed Aspera software in support of critical field missions and analysis.

Intelligence Data Archival

Often replacing the costly shipment of hardware equipment from remote locations, back to bases and facilities in the US, Aspera software allows for secure, reliable and ultra high-speed archival of intelligence data, directly from the points of capture. For example, Aspera fasp™ is a key technology driving a mission-critical operation for the DOD that transfers multiple Terabytes of data daily from multiple war theater locations back to analysis centers in the eastern US over high speed satellite networks. Each satellite link is fully utilized by a single Aspera transfer running continuously at 130 Mbps. The deployment replaced multi-million dollar flights of physical hard drives, and even more important, brings the data back many times faster for immediate analysis.

Transfer over Extremely Challenged Networks

Multiple government agencies and private contractors have turned to Aspera software to transfer files over multi-hop satellite networks and RF networks having impossibly large round-trip times and packet loss rates. A study by one agency concluded that Aspera software was “infinitely faster” than FTP and traditional transfer mechanisms over these highly challenging networks common in the military theater.

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Success Story


“The intelligence and defense industry has been relying on Aspera for transfer of mission-critical data for a number of years,” said Kip Schauer, director of government sales at Aspera. “DVIDS illustrates the power of Aspera’s technology, allowing rich files to be sent quickly and reliably from literally anywhere on the globe with a satellite uplink or Internet connection. We’re proud DVIDS trusts Aspera for such a critical workflow.”