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With a trend toward geographically distributed software development and testing, and with ever increasing build sizes, software manufacturers and game developers require new, high-performance digital transport methods to enable global development while significantly reducing operating costs and dramatically accelerating time to market. Today, Aspera enables the automatic transfer of millions of build files, around the world, around the clock, as well as fast and easy transfers of supporting materials between collaborating teams.


  • Move builds from development to QA around the clock to shorten development cycles and meet critical retail and showcase deadlines for new titles.
  • Streamline management of global processes with a fully integrated high-speed transfer pipeline combining ad-hoc contribution of graphics, artwork and source code using simple desktop and browser software.
  • Simplify tracking and control of multiple content transfers with a single Web-based centralized management interface and individual views for partners and contractors.
  • Protect critical intellectual and creative property with bulletproof security for private transport, data integrity, content encryption and user access control.


Rapid Game Development and QA

Major game publishers including Sony Computer Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, SEGA, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisioft, and Codemasters utilize Aspera software throughout their operations to receive new builds from third party developers, transfer build files throughout their global facilities in master processes, and to exchange graphic, artwork, and promotional materials with retail partners.

  • In 2008 a major US-based game publisher deployed Aspera Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point clients and Aspera Connect browser plug-in software throughout its facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. The system allows its studios to privately upload project files and supplementary artwork fast and reliably to each regional DMZ and automatically relays files at high speed to internal teams to complete QA and replication.

Global Software Development

Millions of source code files for large, complex software products must move over thousands of miles in hours to maximize follow-the-sun global teams. Small file streamlining in Aspera’s fasp™ software makes transfers of large collections of small files as fast as possible over even the longest distances. Some of the world’s largest software makers utilize Aspera to transfer millions of development files on a daily basis throughout global facilities, and have automated their processes through scriptable command line, browser-based management, and synchronization interfaces.

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Success Stories


“We work across many different time zones with games developers and generally, the greater the distance, the longer it takes for the file transfer... Aspera’s technology not only provides significantly faster transmission speeds, which reduce the margin for error, but also includes comprehensive security and data verification schemes to ensure that the possibility of corruption is reduced significantly. Plus, adaptive bandwidth control allows concurrent transfers to run with high efficiency, enabling us to meet strict deadlines.” Jonathan Humphrey, IT Director at Codemasters