Enterprise IT

Facing stiffer competition than ever in a global economy, corporations require “FedEx”-like capabilities in the electronic domain — speed, guaranteed delivery, priority service levels — with uncompromising security, comprehensive management, tracking and monitoring. Aspera solutions enable the global enterprise with effective ways to collaborate, outsource and geographically distribute data processing in all industries, such as legal, finance, retail and manufacturing.


  • Systematically achieve maximum transfer speed, regardless of dynamic network conditions and transfer distance.
  • Guarantee delivery time frames with completion predictability and automatic resume of failed or partial transfers.
  • Ensure your other network-based traffic (email, SAP, VOIP, etc.) is protected with Aspera’s adaptive rate control technology.
  • Enjoy peace of mind transferring your most valuable assets with bulletproof security for private transport, data integrity, content encryption and user access control.
  • Centrally manage, monitor and control your transfer activity, server infrastructure, bandwidth utilization and community of transferring users.
  • Automate your file transfer workflows and schedule transfer activity and bandwidth availability.
  • Deploy easy-to-use, cross-platform, web-based or desktop user interfaces with universal access even in restrictive environments.
  • Leverage open APIs for easy integration of Aspera high-speed transport to your in-house systems.
  • Enjoy optimal performance/functionality to cost ratio by matching desired performance with your infrastructure’s potential via bandwidth cap licensing.


Data Processing Outsourcing

Corporations in a variety of industries find tremendous cost savings in outsourcing business-critical data processing. Aspera software facilitates high-speed data exchange with remote partners in numerous fields including banking, financial and legal services.

High-speed Remote Backups

Providing the fastest data transport solution between remote sites, Aspera software is ideal when implementing automated data backups and disaster recovery deployments.

Digital Asset Distribution

Enterprises are moving an ever-increasing volume of files internally, between remote facilities and offices and with business partners. Aspera solutions are widely used for corporate-wide replacement of e-mail attachments and shared volumes paradigms, distribution of training or marketing materials to channel partners, exchange of huge data sets between geographically distributed teams and processing centers, distribution of electronic signage content to retail outlets and more.

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Success Stories


“Aspera has been invaluable because we can now transmit an image in 1-2 seconds versus 3-4 seconds... Two seconds offers us a significant savings, as time is everything in this business.” Bernie Yip, Engineer, PACECO Corp