Aspera Node

The foundational service for managing all transfer authorization, initiation, control and reporting for single server nodes and clusters, asperanoded provides a multi-tenant cluster-aware service and RESTful API for managing all core services in the transfer stack.

What's New in Aspera Node 3.7

New APIs and API enhancements

  • /usage reports transfer usage (bytes in, out and total) by access key for per tenant reporting in Aspera Files and 3rd party applications
  • /events reports file create, rename and delete events, and filters by event id
  • /permissions API implements read, write, delete, mkdir, rename, and preview permissions for all user and group based permissions to allow for fine-grained permission capabilities in Aspera Files and other applications
  • /filelocks capability allows a specific user to lock a path to such that any modification attempt by another user (rename, delete, overwrite) will fail. Locks can be deleted by owner users or Administrative scoped users
  • /files API can now return the file path for admin-scoped users
  • /files/preview API with support for range GET requests compatible with stock iOS and Android previews
  • /files has new case-insensitive filters that return filename matches regardless of case
  • /ops/transfers API supports an iteration token for querying file and transfer events from a point-in-time /ops/transfers option to pause/resume/cancel or change rate, bandwidth priority of transfers (3.7.4)
  • /info and / API responses now include content protection settings
  • new call returns verbatim the content of a file within the file size restriction set in aspera.conf
  • /ops token authorization now uses SHA-2 as the default checksum, rather than SHA-1
  • node API /ops/transfers supports ascp4 transfers (3.7.4)
  • support passing of instructions on how FASP transfers handle symbolic links (3.7.4)

New in Access Key Authentication & Cloud Storage Roots

  • Google Storage and IBM S3 storage are now supported in access key storage roots
  • Support for encryption at rest and infrequent access in access keys for AWS storage roots
  • Transfers submitted to asperacentral, e.g. Console Smart Transfers, now support access key authentication; asperanoded uses the access key and secret in token authentication, and passes these to asperacentral, which executes ascp as node user

Robustness and Management Enhancements

  • New utility to export and restore all node data including options to filter by access key
  • Transfer and bandwidth statistics are self-cleaning for large numbers of sessions
  • Users can now run asnodeadmin --db-update to migrate data from Enterprise Server 3.5.6 and earlier versions
  • Significant improvements in the redis and scalekv services (3.8)
  • Redis and scalekv run independently from asperanoded as a service
  • Redis 3 is used everywhere
  • The KV store library to retries failed attempts per configuration
  • Apps relying in kv store reads and writes behave patiently and produce 'temporarily unavailable' errors to upper layers when can't connect in time

Security Enhancements

  • Default and allowed SSL ciphers have been updated to eliminate support for 3DES and to align the defaults with hardened versions
  • SSH private key strings are supported in the Node API through a new JSON element, ssh_private_key