Aspera Mobile Uploader

The Aspera Mobile Uploader brings industry-leading, patented Aspera high-speed file transfer to mobile devices.

Based on Aspera FASP®, the Aspera Mobile Uploader achieves transfer speeds 10X and greater than traditional cellular technologies, maximizing the utilization of available connection bandwidth and breaking the size barrier for the files that can be transmitted from mobile devices. It lets you upload photos or videos from the media library on your device, or directly from your smart phone’s camera to mobile-enabled Aspera transfer servers including Aspera On Demand.

Free-of-charge and available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, the Aspera Mobile Uploader is the ideal solution for mobile field gathering of still and video media, with immediate, high-performance wireless transfer to an Aspera server.

Remote content submissions

Enable remote news teams to submit content via inexpensive mobile devices, without the need to send out news trucks with expensive and cumbersome satellite transmission equipment. Let “citizen journalists” provide up-to-date footage of unfolding events in real time for immediate playout or distribution.

Product Highlights

Superior transfer performance

Make the most out of available bandwidth on wireless networks, including cellular (3G, EDGE) and Wi-Fi (802.11g/n), with speeds that are up to 100X faster than traditional transfer technologies.

Easy-to-use interface

Direct accesses to the picture and video library, as well as the phone built-in camera, to easily find and upload any content stored on the device.

Transfer control

Monitor transfer progress in real time and view performance display to see transfer rate.

Unrivaled Aspera Performance

With patented Aspera FASP® technology, Mobile Uploader gets your content to the destination at industry-leading speeds.

  • Up to 10x faster on today's 4G networks
  • Up to 100x faster on double-band 802.11n
  • Over 10x faster on low-strength 802.11g/n

User-controlled Upload Resolution

  • The user determines the resolution of uploaded video that is being directly captured from the device camera up to the full resolution of the camera.
  • Video may be uploaded at full resolution, or at graduated high, medium, and low resolution settings designed to optimize file size and picture quality.
  • Users can save recording settings as presets and later quickly identify saved videos by their thumbnail images.

Background upload and automatic resume of paused transfers

  • Transfers will continue to run in the background during phone calls or when using other applications.
  • Background upload is limited by the OS to about 10 minutes in our testing.
  • If an upload cannot finish in time, it will be stopped automatically and restarted automatically when the user returns to the Mobile Uploader app.

Versatile User Interface

  • Support for user naming of uploaded files on the target server.
  • Support for automatically starting the upload after media selection.
  • Record and send up to 10 hours of video.

Operating Systems Supported by the Latest Version

Mobile Uploader for iOS 2.1 app requires iOS 8.0 or above. Mobile Uploader for Android 1.1 requires Android 4.4 and up.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Compatible with Apple iOS and Google mobile devices.

The Aspera Mobile Uploader app requires an account on an Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server.


The Mobile Uploader is available for download at no charge.

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