Aspera Cargo extends person-to-person file delivery workflows with automatic downloads of Faspex™ packages using a familiar content feed-style interface. Users automatically receive packages from multiple Faspex servers, with all downloads consolidated within a single client, enabling follow-the-sun workflows and eliminating data transfer delays.

Use Cases

Person-to-person and project-based file exchange

Automate receipts of digital deliveries, especially when content is sent in from multiple entities; saving time and hassle, and reducing the risk of losing files due to human errors in a manual download process.

Large-scale content publishing to many receivers

Enable fast, efficient collaboration between teams that are spread around the globe by enabling them to easily exchange large files or entire project directories using a familiar email-style workflow.

Product Highlights

Automated faspex package downloads

Cargo automatically downloads packages sent to a user from multiple Faspex servers, consolidating all incoming content and organizing it based on user preferences.

Feature-rich and easy-to-use interface

Cargo features a familiar ATOM feed paradigm for automatically downloading Faspex packages with easy GUI controls for automatic decryption of downloaded packages.

Real-time control

Cargo provides real-time transfer rate monitoring and control for each download, allowing users to adjust transfer rates and pause, cancel and resume transfers.

Asset Distribution

An ideal solution for robust mass distribution of large files and assets to many endpoints

  • Update software, advertising content and video signage in thousands of retail stores
  • Distribute Video on Demand (VoD) packages to hundreds of head ends
  • Distribute press kits with video and rich imagery/artwork to global partners and news outlets
  • Distribute Digital Cinema packages (DCPs) to theater chains

Consolidated Downloads

  • Receive packages from multiple FaspexTM servers using a single client
  • Users can select different locations to download packages coming from different Faspex servers and Faspex user accounts, or they can select to be prompted for location before each download

Secure Transfers

  • Enterprise-grade encryption in transfer and at rest
  • Support for secure embargoes on content access with built-in encryption
  • Easy GUI controls for automatic decryption of a downloaded package
  • Built-in support for FASP® Proxy enables high-speed transfers within restrictive networks with the option for HTTP fallback

Advanced Transfer Control

  • Support for a configurable number of concurrent downloads and queuing
  • Real-time transfer rate control and monitoring for each download
  • Pause, cancel and resume functionality with automatic retry on failure
  • Ability to specify how often to check for new packages


  • Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS X 10.8+, Intel only
  • Linux 32- or 64-bit systems: RHEL 6.0+, CentOS 6.0+, Ubuntu 10.04+, SLES 11, OpenSUSE 12.2, Debian 6.0+

Your Faspex server must have a license enabled for Cargo.


Cargo is licensed on a per user basis. Also available as an optional subscription with Aspera Faspex On Demand, with pricing based on usage and subscription term length.

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