Aspera Faspex™ provides an intuitive, efficient way for individuals and groups to collaborate and exchange files and directories of any size, over any distance. Aspera breaks the bottleneck for big data—through an easy, flexible, and secure web platform for global person-to-person file collaboration and delivery. Using Faspex, collaborators can easily send, receive, and share information from anywhere in the world.

Users can choose from a variety of user interfaces and applications to send and receive digital deliveries including an easy-to-use web interface, an add-in for Microsoft Outlook client, Aspera Faspex mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, or Aspera Cargo, a simple automatic download desktop widget. Recipients are notified via e-mail and Aspera’s patented FASP® transport technology handles the high-speed movement of data to and from the server.

Built for enterprise workflows of any scale, Aspera Faspex is available for on-premise and in the cloud on-demand deployments. It includes comprehensive user and server administration capabilities, can be remotely monitored and controlled via Aspera Console – Aspera’s centralized web-based transfer management application, and provides comprehensive security and optional encryption of the file content over the wire and at rest while it is stored on the server.

Use Cases

Exchange of digital assets within and outside of the enterprise

Securely send and receive files or entire directories of any size with users across the globe, over any distances or networks, via desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones; all at speeds that are up to thousands of times faster than FTP and HTTP.

Collaboration enablement for geographically distributed teams

Enable faster, more efficient collaboration between teams that are spread around the globe by enabling them to easily exchange large files or entire project directories using a familiar email-style workflow.

Automated distribution of files

Automate receipts of digital deliveries, especially when content is sent in from multiple entities, saving time and hassle, and reducing the risk of losing files due to human errors in a manual process.

File-based review, approval and quality assurance workflows

Set up drop boxes for data submissions and easily customize digital package submissions with metadata requirements that trigger automated post-receipt file processing.

Secure file contribution for remote users and partner companies

Create custom user registration policies that enable self-registration and allow ad-hoc submissions and distributions that do not require a Faspex account.

Product Highlights

Flexible Workflows

To enable a variety of file-based workflows, Aspera Faspex™ supports drop boxes for ad-hoc content submission, remote source publishing for browsing and sending content from remote servers (enterprise and cloud), configurable metadata submission requirements for public and private drop boxes, and moderated or un-moderated third-party self-registration. Both drop box and standard submissions, as well as Faspex's multi-server relay features, are fully integrated with the Aspera Cargo, allowing easy end-to-end Faspex distribution of content to global clients.

File Format Validation

To support the emerging standards for broadcast file format validation (such as AS11 / DPP MEDIA), the extensible framework supports post-transfer processing and validation via plug-ins, which integrate with 3rd party software such as Metaglue.

Complete security

Advanced encryption-at-rest policies can be defined for standard package sending and drop boxes.  Individual drop boxes can be configured to require encryption-at-rest for all content contributed through the drop box. Policies can be set per drop box or system wide, and include a new policy allowing the sender to determine if encryption at rest is used. Fully integrated with Aspera Cargo and Aspera Connect, the decryption of downloaded packages is a simple one-click operation.

Unlimited Scale Out

A 3-tier application architecture allows the underlying High-Speed Transfer Server to be deployed in a cluster, separate from the Faspex web application for unlimited scale out of transfer performance and network capacity.

Custom Branding

Administrators can configure a customized logo image and web style sheets (CSS) to align the look and feel of Faspex to their business pages

Maximum data transfer performance

  • Transfers are powered by FASP®- packages are sent at high-speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distance, or network conditions
  • Precise bandwidth control for maximum transfer speeds and fairness to other traffic.
  • 100% reliable data delivery with automatic resumes of partial transfers and retries of failed transfers.
  • FASP proxy enables high-speed transfers within restrictive networks with the option of HTTP fallback.

Designed for fast, efficient collaboration

  • Easy-to-use email-style workflows for distributing and exchanging files and directories with individuals or teams.
  • Choice of interfaces for high-speed upload and download of Faspex™ packages: browser plug-in, desktop applications, Microsoft Outlook add-in for package transfers directly within Outlook, and iOS mobile app supporting transfers via Wi-Fi/3G/4G.
  • Ability to delay or schedule Faspex package delivery.
  • Remote source publishing (enterprise and cloud) allows users to browse any remote storage location and attach files or directories to a Faspex package.
  • Private or public drop-boxes for content contribution, with identity confirmation, tracking and notifications.
  • Easily invite anyone to send packages to Faspex users; all they need is a valid email address.
  • Self-registration for 3rd parties with moderated and un-moderated configuration.
  • Simple user and group management for project-based collaboration.
  • Private sending option helps protect recipients' identities (no recipient sees other recipients' information).
  • Integrated e-mail notifications for delivery (CC or BCC) and successful download.
  • Custom Metadata collection with form building and integrated reporting.
  • Administrators can implement a global “Terms of Service” for package sending to govern and get acknowledgement of user access to secure and sensitive data.

Comprehensive User Management and Access Control

  • Comprehensive administration, user management & access control with secure authentication
  • Configurable package access and expiration policies.
  • Option to restrict package sending to only authorized dropboxes.
  • User account administration enables password self reset and strength enforcement, user expiration, access restrictions by user or IP address, time-limited sessions, and recipient list management.
  • Workgroup can be easily set up and managed with easy membership configuration, group sending privileges, and group leader designation with control over adding/removing users.

 Bulletproof Security

  • Integrated with LDAP directory services for import, synchronization, direct authentication, and secure authentication, scalable to thousands of users.
  • Support for signed SAML authentication requests.
  • Configurable AES-128 data encryption available over the wire and at rest.
  • Encryption policies can be defined for standard package sending and for ad-hoc content submission through drop boxes, and can be set system wide or per drop box.
  • Encrypted packages can be decrypted on the fly when downloaded by the recipient using one of the Faspex clients such as the Faspex Mobile App, Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, Aspera Connect, or Aspera Cargo.
  • The sender may choose when and to whom to distribute the secret passphrase, and thus prevent unauthorized users from accessing the content, and control when recipients are able to decrypt the downloaded content.
  • Configurable security options include session timeout, concurrent login prevention and automatic deactivation after successive failed login attempts, configurable password strength, deletion of inactive local and external Faspex users, and private address book to secure users' names and emails.

 Reliable enterprise-grade solution

  • Full range of authentication options including authenticated login of users and groups via local, Active Directory, LDAP, and SAML Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Highly concurrent user connection architecture.
  • HTTP fallback for highly restrictive network environments
  • Unlimited scale out of transfer performance and network capacity by deploying Aspera High-Speed Transfer Servers in a cluster, separate from the Aspera Faspex web application.
  • Active / Active highly available cluster configuration with shared storage ensures continuous availability of the Faspex application.
  • Multi-site support with automated bi-directional relays between sites and servers.
  • Single point of management for large, distributed environments.
  • Reporting of locked accounts in the Faspex user management UI.
  • Support for multiple SAML providers and a unified login experience

Custom workflow integrations

  • Enforceable custom metadata submission requirements, metadata validation, and optional output into XML files.
  • Automatic triggering of post-processing functions after upload completion.
  • Custom programmatic integrations via a command line tool or a Web Services API.
  • Supports automatic inline file validation for conformance of media type or specification (assuming High-Speed Transfer Server 3.5.2 or higher and Orchestrator integration).

Cloud ready

  • Available as Faspex on Demand in IBM Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, and now Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.
  • Includes Aspera’s Direct-to-Cloud transfer technology that is seamlessly integrated into into the cloud storage environment to optimize data transfers directly to object storage.
  • Supports all Faspex client and mobile options.

Supported Platforms

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows: 2008, 2012, 2016
  • Linux: RedHat 6-7, CentOS 6-7, SLES 11 



Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 27+, Safari 6+, Google Chrome 40+
(Faspex™ users can successfully access Faspex from any of these browsers on any OS, as long as the browser and OS are also supported by Connect)

For specific operating systems and browser versions, please refer to the compatibility chart or read the Release Notes on the Download site for the specific Faspex release.


  • IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server
  • IBM Aspera Connect
  • IBM Aspera Common Components 1.1.26 (Required only for Linux; the Windows installer already includes it.)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Refer to the minimum hardware requirements for your operating system.

Additionally, Faspex requires:

  • 8 GB of RAM on any supported operating system.


Faspex offers multi-tiered licensing based on transfer bandwidth capacity. A single host license provides one license per installed host. A high-availability license offers one license per installed server cluster. Optional license add-ons include Aspera Drive, Aspera Cargo, and Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Also available as a subscription service with Aspera On Demand, with pricing based on usage and subscription term length.

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The Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server facilitates FASP® transfers via web browsers and mobile applications.


Aspera Drive provides teams with high-performance transfer and synchronization capabilities within the desktop interface.


Lightweight, install-on-demand web browser app that powers high-speed transfers between desktops and Aspera servers.


Aspera Cargo enables automatic package downloads from one or more Faspex application instances.


Aspera Mobile Apps for iOS and Android enable high-speed transfers of large content files to and from Aspera servers.


The Aspera Add-in for Outlook is a client software option for the Faspex web application users, enabling them to send and receive Faspex packages directly via Outlook client.


Web application for transfer management, monitoring and control across your entire Aspera network.


Learning Center


Customer Success Stories

  • Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) - Enabling Distribution of Sports Content to Media Outlets at High Speed
  • BT Sport - High-speed transfers and automation support BT Sport’s new production hub
  • WDR Mediagroup - Powering Complex Digital Media Workflows
  • Universal Pictures - Enabling global collaboration for major movie production
  • Random House - Automated, global production workflow for audiobook publishing
  • Deluxe Digital Studios - Expanding digital content ingest and delivery capacity to meet growing global demand for post services
  • Trinity Fellowship - Delivering time-sensitive video sermons on time with high-speed transfers
  • UEFA Euro 2012 - High-speed video transfers deliver tournament clips to sports fans worldwide

White Papers


  • Visit our support site for comprehensive knowledge base, community forum, troubleshooting tips and more
  • Contact our support team

what's New in Faspex 4.2

Product Enhancements

  • Support for HTTP-native transfers in highly secure and locked down environments that do not permit the installation of Aspera Connect

  • New option to perform file validation "out-of-transfer," which allows for post-transfer processing to begin immediately after a file transfer, parallel to file validation by reporting the Files status as ”validating", and then "complete" once the validation completes


  • The licensing model has been upgraded to provide customers access to an unlimited number of Faspex users.

what's New in Faspex 4.1

User Management

  • New per user configuration option to restrict package sending to only authorized dropboxes
  • Administrators can block users to send normal packages using this option
  • New ability to define different configuration policies to delete inactive local and external Faspex users from different authentication providers such as SAML and LDAP
  • Faspex now supports signed SAML authentication requests
  • New SAML configuration option allowing administrators to direct users to SAML login page or local login page on user logout or session timeout
  • New SAML configuration option to restrict SAML login access to only known SAML users that are explicitly added as Faspex users.
  • SAML username attribute now mapped to NameID by default instead of name_id, in SAML configuration
  • New SAML configuration option to map default ‘member_of’ user attribute with a remote SAML attribute to import it from existing user systems, to map SAML users to SAML groups

Workgroups And Dropboxes

  • New configuration option that can be enabled in Faspex main yml file, to exclude package metadata from Faspex cookie to overcome restrictions on metadata length
    • When enabled, package metadata is only included in transfer tags and Faspex cookie will contain empty metadata JSON definition to preserve existing clients integration that are dependent on it. This allows accepting longer package metadata up to 30,000 characters
    • When disabled, metadata will be included in both faspex cookie and transfer tags, and the maximum length is limited to 2000 characters

New In Package Sending And Email Notification

  • New capability to delay or schedule Faspex package delivery
    • Users can now delay the delivery of individual packages, by setting delayed release date during package composition. Users are also provided with an option to not set the release date during composition to set it later
    • Provides the ability to quickly find and edit the scheduled packages to set/modify release date
  • Administrators can now set global “Terms of Service” for package sending to govern and get acknowledgement of user access to secure and sensitive data
    • Provides the ability to customize “Terms of Service” text
    • When enabled, it applies to sending of all types (regular and dropbox) of packages  
  • New configuration option to restrict sending external packages to existing faspex users using (external) flag, when sending to external users is allowed
  • New customizable email template for CC on Receipt email notifications
  • New email variable for “Package UUID” that can be added to all package email notification templates, to display UUID of each package in package received and CC notifications
  • Two new email variables for “All CC Recipients Email” and “All Public Recipients Email” that can be added to package email notification templates to display the public and cc'd recipient’s email addresses.
  • Faspex will now sends a package downloaded CC notification if configured, even when sender of the package downloads it

New in Security and Global Options

  • New configuration option to set global invitations expiration policy
  • When configured, it will allow administrators to have granular control over external user invitations to submit packages to users and dropboxes
  • New ability to define whitelisted faspex alternate hostnames for added security
  • As a result, hostname provided in request header of the APIs is accepted only if it’s one of the whitelisted hostname, otherwise it will default to the configured primary hostname
  • Enhanced client IP validation per defined whitelist filters for accessing Faspex and Transfer Servers with alternate addresses, using CIDR notation
  • Various upgrades of internal Ruby gems, Apache and OpenSSL libraries for enhanced security (Qualys A+ security score)
  • SAML gem is now at version 1.7.0

Improved Logging and Reporting

  • Package recipient and downloader user’s information is now reported through transfer tags for custom fields in Console reports and criteria in email notification rule sets
  • New app logging of user’s password and email change events to monitor administrative operations on user accounts
  • Improved error logging on Directory Service users and groups import failures

Additional Enhancements

  • Supports optional skipping of the MySQL upgrade during Faspex upgrades that are configured with a remote database
  • New search capability for end users to quickly find the right packages in their received and sent packages list
  • Many 508 Compliance enhancements in key parts of the Faspex UI
  • Added new rake task for deleting expired packages

New in Faspex V4 APIs

The latest generation of the Faspex API (version 4.0) now supports OAUTH for authorization and includes several new features which expand the capabilities of the Faspex platform. At a high-level these new features include:

  • Content Routing
    • Faspex content may now be routed/copied/delivered based a Faspex users “assigned” location(s).
  • Package Staging
    • With this feature, Faspex users have the ability to “stage” a Faspex package.
    • Until a Faspex package is taken out of a “staged” state, it will not be processed or sent
  • Package Editing
    • All metadata for a Faspex package (including package contents) may be edited both before a package is sent and after it is sent, whether in a “staged” or “live” state
    • If a package has already been sent and a user has already downloaded a package, they are notified that there is a package update available and anyone subsequently downloading the package will also get the new package
  • Delayed Send / Go-Live date
    • Packages may now be marked with a “Go-Live” date. This feature allows a Faspex package creator to set a date at which a package will “Go-Live” (or be released)
    • The Faspex background process(s) will “release” packages marked with a “Go-Live” date once that date is encountered
    • Faspex notifications are sent to package recipients once the “Go-Live” date hits
  • Enhanced REST API’s
    • A new set of Faspex API’s have been created to streamline all aspects of managing, sending, and downloading Faspex packages
    • Focused around the concept of “packages” from the ground up
    • Considerable attention to detail has been given to support REST best-practices.
    • All REST API payload and result data now uses a JSON format – No more XML
    • Native language bindings for Java, Objective-C, and .NET (coming soon) have been created, greatly simplifying all aspects of package life cycle
    • New Faspex API’s have been created to allow for remote Node browsing – This feature leverages the Aspera Node API but performs the browse operations based on the authenticated Faspex user
    • Enhanced Dropbox and Workgroup management, membership and metadata APIs
    • New API for Faspex health check and reporting
    • New API to download packages as external users
    • New API to receive packages from external users
    • Enhanced package listing and management APIs with support for sorting the package content by multiple fields, deleting the package content, searching for packages and bulk deleting of packages
    • Enhanced/added several other APIs for better integration with Faspex clients such as Drive and Mobile apps

“Aspera was able to quickly integrate into our existing Linux infrastructure to give us the required high-speed transfers to our partners around the world. The Faspex™ web-based interface is very easy for our employees to use and includes all they key features we need.” Dylan Penhale, CTO at Fuel VFX