Aspera for Microsoft® sharepoint®

Microsoft SharePoint has been adopted by companies worldwide for knowledge capture, collaboration, and document storage.  Many of these organizations have been unable to take full advantage of SharePoint because of its file size and repository size limitations, and poor performance transferring large files and data sets over wide area networks.

Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint is for organizations who need to quickly, predictably, and securely store and access high volumes of large files in SharePoint.  Aspera has seamlessly integrated patented FASP® transfer technology into SharePoint's document upload and download workflows. Using Aspera, customers can overcome the file size and repository size limitations of SharePoint and transfer files into and out of SharePoint at much higher speeds with auditable and predictable results.

Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint enables users to take advantage of SharePoint document management capabilities for files that may be distributed on multiple file systems. That means users can upload large video files, imagery files, laser scan data, and other large files leveraging SharePoint document library structures and metadata for organization and search.

Aspera's high-speed upload and download capability integrates directly into SharePoint's web interface, allowing customers to fully leverage application permissions and document library structures and completely configure SharePoint using its standard workflow. With the Aspera solution, files are stored outside of SharePoint content repositories making it possible to separate file storage from SharePoint database storage locations.

Product Highlights

Collaborate with Large Files and Data Sets

Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint helps customers to overcome SharePoint file size and repository size limitations enabling SharePoint users to share files that would not have been possible before. Files and data sets are transferred at high-speed into and out of SharePoint, regardless of geographic distance between collaborators.

Seamlessly Integrated

With Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint users can take advantage of Aspera high-speed upload and download capability all from directly within the SharePoint workflow. Optionally, customers may also use Aspera Drive to access SharePoint document libraries from within the native Windows file explorer.

Expand SharePoint Storage Options

The product supports SharePoint on-premise and cloud deployments. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint can enable flexible Disaster Recovery architecture and storage solutions, by separating files storage from the native SharePoint database. 

Extend the SharePoint workflow with Aspera

When combined with Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint, products such as Aspera Drive can enable users to access SharePoint data directly from the desktop interface, speeding collaboration and simplifying access to SharePoint data and document libraries.

Seamless SharePoint Integration

Aspera seamlessly integrates directly in the SharePoint web interface allowing high-speed file transfers from within the standard SharePoint workflow.

  • Compatible with standalone SharePoint 2013 and 2016
  • Aspera high-speed FASP uploads and downloads are enabled directly from within the SharePoint document library interface
  • Uploaded documents appear in document libraries and are accessible through hyperlink
  • Upload whole directories, in which case directory structures will be automatically created inside the SharePoint document library
  • Leverage existing Active Directory, SharePoint permissions, and Document Libraries
  • Check-in/Check-out workflow facilitates collaboration
  • Integrates with SharePoint search

use any size files and data sets

Gain more capabilities with SharePoint, by overcoming SharePoint file size and repository size limitations using Aspera and adding predictable transfer times.

  • Drag-and-drop files or folders into and out of SharePoint using Aspera Drive's native integration with Mac Finder and Windows File Explorer
  • All file uploads and downloads are transferred using Aspera's patented FASP protocol, meaning transfers are fast, secure, predictable, resumeable, and auditable
  • No limits on file sizes and the number of files or total repository size
  • Easily transfer entire directories containing thousands of files and subdirectories into SharePoint
  • Provides extraordinary bandwidth control with pre-set or on-the-fly management

Configurable storage locations and security

Aspera for SharePoint allows for flexible deployments to store data into any repository a customer chooses and files may be encrypted throughout the transfer process:

  • Store uploaded data on distributed file systems and separate stored files from SharePoint SQL Server databases
  • Use on premise or cloud storage (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM SoftLayer, WIndows Azure)
  • Encrypt data during transfer or at rest


Aspera has a range of products that can be used to extend SharePoint to desktop, mobile, and customized workflows.

  • Aspera Drive offers users on Mac and Windows the ability to directly interact with SharePoint data managed by Aspera transfer servers from within desktop file browsers
  • Aspera Console allows administrators to monitor and manage Aspera transfers within your environment, including transfers of data through Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Aspera’s rich SDK’s offer numerous routes for controlling and initiating transfers  with mobile, web, and desktop customization that can enhance the SharePoint workflow

Example of an Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint deployment


Supported Software

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016
  • IIS 8.0 (preferred) or later
  • All SharePoint supported browsers

For specific versions, please refer to the compatibility chart or read the Release Notes on the Download site for the specific SharePoint release.

 Supported Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Supported Configurations

  • SharePoint standalone or server farm configurations
  • Distributed file storage on premise, on the cloud, or hybrid
  • Recommended for Intranet SharePoint deployments focused on file and data management and archiving

Supported Cloud Platforms

Aspera Software Prerequisites

  • Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Aspera Enterprise Server
  • Aspera Connect
  • Unlimited Aspera Connect client licensing

Related Products

Enterprise Server

Aspera Enterprise Server is a versatile universal server application with a variety of client options (desktop, mobile, embedded), and with support for manual or automated transfers of files and directories. It enables seamless high-speed movement of files and directories across global enterprises, high-volume content ingest and distribution, and replaces FTP/SFTP servers for transfers of large, business-critical data.

Aspera Connect

Aspera Connect is an install-on-demand browser plug-in that powers transfers between desktops and Aspera Connect transfer Servers. Lightweight and compatible with most standard browsers, it launches automatically when users initiate FASP transfers. The transfers occur independent of the browser and the plug-in provides a visual transfer rate monitor and on-the-fly rate control.

Aspera Drive

Aspera Drive provides teams with the ability to quickly and securely share and exchange large files and data sets directly from the desktop. Drive supports high-speed transfer, package sending and receiving, and background synchronization of files and data sets of any size integrated with Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. 

Aspera Desktop Client

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, Aspera Desktop Client is a full-featured desktop application for initiating transfers with Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, or Point-to-Point Client. It provides a visual transfer monitor and enables on-the-fly rate control. Scriptable command line interface supports unattended transfers and custom pre- and post-transfer file processing.