Enterprise applications

Aspera’s Enterprise Applications include a variety of software solutions that integrate its high-speed FASP®-powered transfer technology to transfer files of any size on virtually any device, across global distances from anywhere in the world. These applications include stand-alone Aspera solutions as well as third party plug-ins and integrated solutions, all of which provide 100% transfer reliability and bulletproof security. 


Aspera Virtual Catcher replaces expensive legacy satellite delivery systems with an Aspera high-speed solution that runs over wide area networks. The solution includes a set of pre-configured workflows with a processing engine, configuration screens and monitoring views. It works in conjunction with Aspera faspex™ and Aspera Cargo or with Aspera Enterprise Server and Aspera Point-to-Point clients to reduce cost and ensure content gets to recipients securely and with the highest quality possible.­


Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint is for organizations who need to quickly, predictably, and securely store and access high volumes of large files in Share Point. Aspera has seamlessly integrated patented FASP transfer technology into SharePoint document upload and download workflows. Using Aspera, customers can not only overcome the file size and repository size limitations of SharePoint, they also can transfer files into and out of SharePoint at much higher speeds with auditable and predictable results.

Aspera Plug-in for Avid

Aspera FASP Plug-in for the Avid Interplay Delivery and Avid Transfer Manager enables integrated, high-speed transport of high resolution media between Avid Interplay Production workgroups enabling near-real time collaboration.  Users can share high resolution media and associated metadata between remote workgroups across a wide area network (WAN) by transferring video and metadata at line speed, regardless of distance, fully utilizing the available bandwidth.