The core Aspera FASP transfer stack forms the foundation of every Aspera transfer server software application whether it is deployed on premises or consumed in the cloud. These robust and scalable services are built on top of the FASP® high-speed transfer protocol, and support high speed file transfer, fast synchronization and high quality streaming of video and data.

The transfer software stack consisting of the FASP protocol, transfer services and higher function transfer, sharing and exchange applications, offers a complete solution that guarantees performance regardless of transfer distance, file size or volume, and network conditions. With optimized cloud I/O for cloud deployments, and comprehensive transfer and user management, the software moves large data sets over the WAN with unrivaled speed (up to 100s of time faster than FTP or HTTP), flexible bandwidth control, 100% reliability and bullet-proof security.


Aspera's ascp is the core file transfer binary that ships with every version of Aspera transfer server and client software to deliver the fastest possible transfer speeds regardless of file sizes, transfer distance, or network conditions. The ascp4 binary introduces a new architecture for the ultra-high-speed transfer of very large collections of small files.  WHAT'S NEW

Node (asperanoded)

The foundational service for managing all transfer authorization, initiation, control and reporting for single server nodes and clusters, asperanoded, provides a multi-tenant cluster-aware service and RESTful API for managing all core services in the transfer stack.  WHAT'S NEW

FASPStream for high quality video streaming

Aspera FASPStream transport technology consist of a set of binaries and API which provide access to an Aspera high-speed transfer "pipe", powered by the FASP protocol to enable File-to-Stream, Stream-to-File, or Stream-to-Stream transfers. 

Aspera's new Streaming for Video and Streaming for Data products with FASPStream are turnkey solutions created from the ground up by Aspera that have the potential to revolutionize the way live and near-live video is transported. These new software applications use the FASPStream transport to stream live video with broadcast quality over commodity Internet networks, globally, with glitch-free play out and negligible startup time.  WHAT'S NEW

watchfolder (Watchd and watchfolderd)

Asperawatchd, a new high-performance file system notification service, monitors the file system for changes and updates an internal snapshot with a novel architecture that scales up for fast change notification in file systems with up to 100 million items. It can be deployed across distributed sources and can work with Aspera Sync and Aspera Watchfolder for super-fast change notification and snapshot updates.

This new cross-platform directory watchfolder uses the new fast, scalable file system notifications to automate file and directory transfers. It also supports transfers of growing files, ordering of files as packages and advanced filtering. WHAT'S NEW


Aspera pioneered Direct-to-Cloud high speed transfer - a technology that transfers data directly to and from the cloud object storage using Aspera FASP with no gateways. Natively integrated into all leading cloud object stores via fast in-memory communication between the FASP session and the asperatrapd service, the technology provides the most advanced solution for high-performance secure transfer, synchronization and streaming of large data sets to, from and between all major cloud and object storage systems. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera Sync (async)

Aspera Sync, Aspera's synchronization application for high speed detection and synchronization of file system changes, provides one-way and bi-directional synchronization between all storage environments: local disk, NAS, SAN and cloud object stores. WHAT'S NEW

Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager (atcm) and ScaleKV (asperascalekv)

Aspera's award winning cluster manager provides is an essential management system for provisioning, monitoring, managing and auto-scaling of Aspera transfer clusters. Designed to work on the top of the Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server stack in the cloud, the Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager is a fully API driven management system. Administrators have a comfortable web UI and corresponding set of APIs for all necessary cluster management tasks.  WHAT'S NEW