Aspera Connect is a self-installing app that powers high-speed uploads and downloads with the Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server, also enabling web-based transfers for Aspera FaspexTM and Shares. Compatible with most standard browsers and sporting a very light system footprint, Aspera Connect integrates all of Aspera’s high-performance transport technology in a small, easy-to-use package that provides unequaled control over transfer parameters.

Use Cases

Browser-based file transfers

Enable teams, customers and partners to easily transfer files and directories at high speed to and from your Aspera tranfer servers via any web browser. Without any software to download and install, users can transfer data via any computer, at any time, over any connection (WAN, satellite, wireless).

Product Highlights

Localized Languages

The latest version of Connect now supports Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish in addition to English. Aspera Connect automatically sets the language based on your system's language settings.

Lightweight and browser-independent

Aspera Connect will install and launch automatically when a web application such as Aspera Shares initiates FASP® transfers. The transfers are performed independent of the browser, without locking the page during the transfer, so that users can continue working.

Reliable and secure

With built-in automatic resume of partial transfers and retry of failed transfers, Aspera Connect assures that critical files make it across the network on time and intact. All files can be encrypted in transfer and at rest, ensuring security of digital assets, without compromising transfer speeds.

Real-time transfer monitoring and control

An easy-to-use interface provides real-time status of transfer progress and transfer rate, allowing users to adjust transfer rates on the fly and to cancel/pause/resume queued transfers.


Aspera’s Connect SDK allows developers to easily integrate Aspera file transfer capabilities into their web applications with complete control over branding and the end-user experience. From installation to delivery, Aspera Connect SDK gives developers full control over how Aspera file transfer capabilities are exposed to their end-users with an "in-browser" user experience. By leveraging the JavaScript APIs, developers are able to control both the look and feel and workflow of transfer initiation, transfer progress, transfer control (such as pause, resume, cancel, etc.), error handling, and full control over transfer parameters.

Unrivaled Aspera performance

  • Powered by Aspera’s patented FASP® transport technology, content is sent at high speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distances or network conditions.
  • Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire allocated bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while remaining fair to other business-critical network traffic.
  • 100% reliable data delivery with auto resume of failed or incomplete transfers.
  • Real-time reporting of transfer progress and performance.
  • Automatic, fast and lossless inline compression reduces data set transfer sizes, providing further boost to Aspera's industry-leading transfer performance.
  • Ability to switch to slower HTTP-based transfers for highly restrictive network environments.

Simple, lightweight App

  • This simple app installs and launches automatically within the browser, as needed by the web application.
  • Rich JavaScript API for fully-integrated branded experience, persistence across host reboots, and in browser control.
  • Comprehensive JavaScript API for full-featured embedding in any 3rd party application with latest 3.6.5 JavaScript API that features drag-and-drop of files and folders for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge & interactive browse to select files and folders to transfer.
  • Connect 3.6 is available with new “plug-in-less” architecture for Chrome, Firefox & MS Edge.
  • Transfers happen independent of the browser, so that users can continue their work uninterrupted.
  • Easy-to-use interface provides real-time visual monitoring of transfer progress and queued packages.
  • Ability to adjust bandwidth utilization on the fly is ideal for boosting transfer speeds for time-critical content or throttling down less important transfers to leave bandwidth for other business-critical network traffic (e.g. video conferencing)
  • Automatic UI language selection, based on operating system language setting, supports English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese, providing an easy-to-understand interface during installation and use.

Bullet-proof security

Keep your business-critical digital assets safe with Aspera’s enterprise-grade security features.

  • Through SSH authentication establishes secure connections between the app and the transfer server.
  • AES-128 data encryption in transit and at rest ensures that files are accessible only to those with the right password to decrypt them.
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic module provides strong encryption that is accredited by the US Government.
  • Data integrity verification for each transmitted block guards against man-in-the-middle attacks and attempts at data or content theft.
  • Supports server side encryption at rest in addition to client-side for both FASP and HTTP fallback sessions

>> Learn more about Aspera's FASP® security model

Operating Systems Supported by the Latest Version

Note: If you use Connect with the IBM Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, you must upgrade to the latest release of the Outlook Add-in before installing and using this release of Connect.

For latest information on supported platforms, please refer to our Platform Support Matrix.


Licensing and Distribution

Connect is available for download at no charge.


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Part of the Aspera Developer Network, the Connect SDK provides documentation and sample code for the Connect JavaScript SDK.


Learning Center


Customer Success Stories

  • UFCDistributing promotional web content to martial arts fans around the world
  • Universal Pictures - Enabling global collaboration for major movie production
  • Random House - Automated, global production workflow for audiobook publishing
  • GigaScienceFast Transfers Improve Research Data Accessibility for Life Sciences Community
  • BGI - Elevating genome research through speedy data delivery
  • Deluxe Digital Studios - Expanding digital content ingest and delivery capacity to meet growing global demand for post services
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White Papers


  • Visit our support site for comprehensive knowledge base, community forum, troubleshooting tips and more
  • Contact our support team


Connect 3.8.0 provides several enhancements that include

  • Improved error code reporting.
  • The Connect API can now distinguish HTTP fallback transfers from regular FASP transfers.
  • Connect now prompts for confirmation before downloading a file that would overwrite an existing file.
  • The Connect installer has been updated with high-DPI support.
  • The Connect UI is now available in Korean.
  • Enhancements to security.
  • Previous Releases


    Connect 3.7.4 provides several enhancements that include

    • Support for AES-256 encryption as long as both client and server are running version 3.7.3 or higher of the core software
    • Transfers are now encrypted by default
    • Improved security on Mac OS X that meets Apple's recommended security settings
    • Improvements to accessibility



    Connect 3.7.3 provides several performance enhancements and usability improvements:

    • Connect no longer limits the number of concurrent transfers to 100. The Transfers window displays the first 100 active transfers, along with a count of the remaining transfers. In these cases, for each transfer you delete from the Transfers window, another remaining transfer then appears
    • The Connect troubleshooting tool ( has been incorporated into the banner that appears when Connect appears not to be installed.
    • This release of Connect features various improvements to accessibility in use with screen reader tools
    • The Connect SDK features several API enhancements. For detailed information, see the Aspera Developer Network at


    What's New with Connect 3.6

    Connect 3.6 has a new (pluginless) architecture using the latest native APIs provided by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and MS Edge and Explorer browsers. Additional features include:

    • High speed secure file and folder transfer with in browser transfer progress reporting and management, and resumable sessions across browser re-starts.
    • Supports all major browser versions on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux including the latest versions that have deprecated browser plugins and NPAPI.
    • Has a comprehensive Javascript API for full-featured embedding in any 3rd party application. Upload/download any number of source items (files or directories) with option for unique naming per item. Register for transfer session progress callbacks in the browser and pause/resume/change bandwidth of running transfers. Integrate with any 3rd party Application's Single Sign-on with the node API.
    • Latest 3.6.5 Javascript API features include:
    • Drag-and-drop of files and folders for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in addition to interactive browse to select files and folders to transfer.
    • Fully customizable graphics and banner placement in installation.
    • Connect installer and SDK are separated for easier local hosting in addition to Aspera hosted distribution.
    • Supports server side encryption at rest in addition to client-side for both FASP and HTTP fallback sessions.
    • Aspera is also currently previewing a new webRTC stack that extends the next-generation Aspera Connect core for streaming video.