Embedded Client

In addition to desktop transfer client options developed by Aspera, its FASP® transport technology can easily be embedded into custom desktop applications thanks to a flexible, easy-to-use Aspera Embedded Client. Lightweight and easy to use, the Embedded Client provides a programming language-specific library that exposes an API to initiate, control and monitor transfers.

Use Cases

Custom desktop transfer clients

Build your own custom applications with specific interfaces demanded by your business requirements and integrate Aspera embedded client as part of your application to enable users to upload and download files and directories at high-speed via FASP transport technology.

Product Highlights

Multi-platform, multi-language fasp transfer enablement

  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • C++, Java, and .Net (with examples provided for each language)

Rich feature set

  • Fully embeddable client
  • Detailed transfer monitoring and reporting
  • Full control over transfer speeds, bandwidth sharing policies, etc.
  • Background transfers that do not lock the application or hog system resources

Portable Embedded Client

  • Portable to virtually any modern operating system
  • Native implementation on all operating systems
  • Supports many transfer paradigms: desktop GUI, command line, automation and synchronization, consumer download (e.g. set top boxes)


  • All FASP security features, including FIPS 140-2 compliance

Complete transfer insight and control

  • Detailed transfer monitoring and reporting through subscription to asynchronous notifications or through polling
  • Comprehensive control over transfer parameters that can be exposed to users via custom GUI (transfer speeds, bandwidth sharing policies, etc.)

MySQL database for long-term history reporting

  • Aspera transfer server software can optionally log all transfer transactions, file attributes, user, and performance details, to an SQL database
  • The database is integrated with Aspera Console and can be queried directly to build any type of transfer history or billing report

Comprehensive multi-platform support

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, One FS, AIX, HP-UX
  • Native IPv6 support.

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Embedded Client is available for download at no charge. Requires an annual SDK subscription.

Requires Aspera Application Platform, Aspera Shares on Demand, or Aspera FaspexTM on Demand for transfers to Aspera servers running in the cloud with Aspera on Demand.

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