Engineering whitepaper

Synchronizing large engineering source code repositories 

Development teams that need to replicate and share large repositories of source code, engineering specifications, and design documents across multiple remote locations have had to integrate multiple different technologies to achieve the speed and efficiencies needed for collaboration. The resulting systems are expensive to create and maintain, and remain fragile with frequent failures that lead to waste and loss of productivity.

Aspera Sync is purpose-built by Aspera as a single application layer solution for highly scalable, multi-directional asynchronous file replication and synchronization of large-scale file repositories typical of today’s development environments. Sync is designed to overcome the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization tools like rsync and scale up and out for maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs, efficiently utilizing bandwidth and storage. The optional Aspera Console provides global visibility into Sync sessions and activity across the entire network. The complete solution meets the performance requirements of today’s high-performance development teams, while significantly reducing the complexity and cost of multi-layered systems developed in-house.

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