Telestream Vantage with Lightspeed Live and Aspera FASPStream

new and innovative workflows for real time remote production of live events


Telestream and IBM Aspera have developed a game-changing, joint solution for high-speed capture and production of live, broadcast quality video from remote locations for faster production turnaround. Telestream Vantage and Lightspeed Live combined with Aspera’s FASPStream high-speed streaming technology enables open-file workflows for production teams to work on live video feeds from remote locations in real time.

Joint Feature Highlights

  • Remote, real time production editing and media processing workflows over unmanaged long-haul commodity Internet
  • Lower cost alternative to satellite delivery, fiber or on-location production
  • Flexible deployment options on premises or in the cloud, with concurrent streams to multiple locations to aid in redundancy and business continuity


Real-time, Remote Production Has Been an Unattainable Goal

Capturing and producing content for live events such as sports, news, training or education programs poses unique challenges, and true real-time, remote production has long been an unattainable goal. Today, media companies have to rely on costly satellite or fiber-based infrastructure, and incur additional costs by co-locating production teams and equipment at the event itself. Alternative IP-based solutions either offer streaming with low quality and high latency, or provide slow data transfer capabilities that don’t work with content still being created or captured, requiring completed files to be transferred over the network, introducing unacceptable delays for time critical material.

Telestream – IBM Aspera Solution

Telestream Vantage and Telestream Lightspeed Live in conjunction with Aspera FASPStream technology offers an innovative approach to delivering broadcast-quality video streams from the venue to the remote production facility live, enabling workflows never before possible. Creative teams can now begin working on a live capture feed delivered from a remote location (across the country or around the world) while the event is taking place, without waiting for the entire file to be first written to disk and then transferred. Transcoding, packaging, editing and other downstream workflows can start immediately, significantly shortening the production cycle and increasing the value of the produced content. The end-point can have a range of hosting environments, including centralized on-premises, private or public cloud and the streams can be written to multiple locations concurrently to aid in redundancy and business continuity.

Built upon the latest version of the Aspera FASP™protocol, FASPStream technology can transport any live video and can source the video stream from an in-memory application while it is being created or captured through the FASPStream API. The stream is transported as a uniform lossless, in-order byte stream that equally supports constant bit rate and adaptive bit rate formats. FASPStream performs exceptionally well over long-haul WANs, with negligible start up delay, i.e. less than 2 seconds of delay from live for 50 Mbps video sources over global Internet networks. FASPStream technology is tightly integrated into Vantage using the available APIs providing a completely seamless user experience.

Key Features and benefits

  • Enable long distance, low latency, high quality, real time editing of live captures over unmanaged Internet, which eliminates the high cost of co-locating a post-production crew and expensive satellite, IP and fiber connections.
  • Deliver a variety of content types to the desired destinations:
  • Highlights and teasers can be sent to social media sites.
  • VOD content can be processed for immediate viewing just seconds after the event is over.
  • Versions can be produced for dynamic ad insertion and for condensed content viewing purposes (e.g. ads and promotions removed).
  • The solution takes advantage of FASPStream stream-to-file capability and Vantage Open Workflows allowing files to be written remotely; thus, eliminating the drawbacks of a typical watch folder scenario while providing a much tighter integration and feedback mechanism between Telestream and Aspera components.
  • Native Aspera support within Vantage ensures complete compatibility with all Aspera capabilities, including adaptive bandwidth control, management and notification, encryption over the wire and at rest, and support for all clients, servers and applications.
  • Support for leading NLEs such as Avid Media Composer with Interplay and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Concurrent files can be written to multiple locations to aid in redundancy and business continuity.

Software Requirements

Telestream Requirements

  • Hardware:
    • Vantage compatible server hardware
  • Software:
    • Vantage 6.3 or later
    • Vantage Aspera Enterprise Server Setup installer v6.3.305.47 or later
  • Licensing:
    • Valid Vantage license that includes the Vantage Aspera connector license (V-ASPERA-SW).

Aspera Requirements:

  • Remote servers must be running Aspera Enterprise Server or Point-to-Point.
  • Aspera FASPStream license

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