T-21 Powered by Aspera FASPStream

High-quality broadcast video rapidly streamed from the edge

Broadcasters and production companies are constantly challenged to move media from the edge as fast and efficiently as possible. Those with large budgets can invest in satellite infrastructure and dedicated fiber. Others, with time to spare, can truck video in from remote locations. But for the large numbers of organizations who operate under tight deadlines and shrinking budgets, neither of those methods will do. Media companies must find an economical solution for rapidly transporting media from the edge to the core.

T-21 powered by Aspera FASPStream is a set of hardware devices equipped with Aspera’s industry-leading transport software, enabling customers to encode, decode, transcode, and then stream glitch-free broadcast-quality media over commodity internet connections. This joint solution provides rapid and secure video transport with low overhead and low delay, and without requiring any additional hardware or software at the edge.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective content contribution from the edge
  • High-speed and secure transport of media over the public Internet
  • Rapid transcoding and global distribution of media, even over the most challenged connections


The Aspera FASPStream technology has been seamlessly integrated into T-21 encoding and decoding devices. Initiating a transfer is as simple as configuring the devices to use FASP as the transport protocol. The encoder will automatically begin to stream the media once the feed has started. Without the overhead of forward error correction, the stream is able to achieve maximum throughput to deliver the media at top speed

How T-21 Powered by Aspera FASPStream Works


Cost-effective Content Contribution from the Edge

  • Encode and reliably stream high-quality media across the public Internet without additional hardware or software.
  • Aspera streaming provides a more resilient, better quality of feed that can sustain higher bit rates over challenged connections.
  • Software shipped with each T-21 device. Simple access provided by a license key.

High-speed and secure transport of media over the public Internet

  • Encode / decode most any video, and feed the media into post-production workflows with low delay.
  • All transmissions are first authenticated and authorized.
  • Content encrypted on the fly and transported over an encrypted wire.
  • Data integrity is verified, protecting against man-in-the-middle, replay, and UDP denial-of-service attacks.

Rapid transcoding and global distribution of media, even over the most challenged connections

  • Transport the media across global distances at maximum speed.
  • Transcode incoming video and audio and provide 4 unique profiles out including CODEC, container and protocol translation.
  • Output real 4K (4096 x 2160) or Ultra-HD (UHD at 3840 x 2160) to broadcast or consumer displays.


T-21 Hardware


  • Aspera FASPStream license

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T-21 Powered by Aspera FASPStream datasheet

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T-21 devices support Decoding, Transcoding, Encoding, Recording and Network Protocol Translation of Streaming Media over private and public IP networks. Markets served include Broadcast, Security, Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and Professional audiovisual (ProAV) customers.