Aspera High-Speed Transport integrated to SGL FlashNet


SGL is a recognized leader in the Media and Content Management Solutions sector providing archive and storage solutions to broadcasters, postproduction houses, news, sports, and government agencies around the world. FlashNet is SGL’s highly scalable and secure content management system available to the broadcast media industry, which is highly adaptable to growing and changing organizational requirements.  FlashNet now integrates Aspera’s Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP) into their solution, for maximum speed transfers between remote archival systems to public and private cloud storage. 

Aspera’s Direct-to-Cloud technology works in tandem with cloud storage infrastructure’s specific features, such as chunk sizes and multipart HTTP threads, but stands apart from all other transfer products due to the native integration of FASP inside the cloud platform.  This provides SGL customers the only seamless integrated solution for line-speed transfers in the cloud.  

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Enables FlashNet to archive and recover the largest files and entire directories at maximum speed over WANs regardless of file sizes, transfer distance or network conditions 
  • Supports secure user authentication and authorization with the LDAP directory services integration
  • Protects all data with AES-128 encryption in transit and at rest
  • Allows FlashNet users to easily monitor transfer progress and performance in real time


FlashNet's rules-based implementation provides fully automated data duplication across multiple storage layers and locations. The software is used to track and record exactly where materials are at any given time, regardless of its long-term storage method. The latest version of SGL's FlashNet lets operators create additional rules that allow files to be transferred at high-speeds to archives in the cloud or in remote storage locations using Aspera's Fast, Adaptive, and Secure Protocol (FASP) technology. 

Aspera’s breakthrough FASP transport technology enables FlashNet users to fully utilize their organization’s available network bandwidth to transfer data at maximum speed while dynamically accommodating the customers other network traffic. Broadcasters and content owners can now transfer very large media archives to private or commercial cloud infrastructure from FlashNet at predictable, guaranteed speeds, allowing them to benefit from having additional options for storage and disaster recovery. Using the cloud to store digital media for disaster recovery purposes provides a secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods in case of a catastrophic site failure.

Key Features

Direct-to-cloud transfer

Direct-to-Cloud technology enables maximum speed transfers in and out of cloud infrastructure, regardless of file size, transfer distance, and network conditions.

  • Allows FlashNet to achieve maximum speed single stream transfers to cloud object storage, independent of round-trip delay and packet loss, up to the limits of the infrastructure
  • Enables automatic retry and checkpoint resume of any transfer from the point of interruption
  • Monitors transfer progress and performance with real-time feedback

secure, reliable transfers

  • Authenticates docroots on cloud storage with LDAP integration for configurable read, write, and listing access
  • Supports built in encryption over the wire and at rest (AES 128)

highly scalable

  • Further extends FlashNet’s use of scaled out cloud storage that offers a pay-as-you-go model that avoids large upfront infrastructure costs.
  • Supports transfers of large files and entire directories containing any number of individual files

Software Requirements



  • Enterprise Server (On-Prem)
  • Server On Demand (On-Cloud)

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SGL FlashNet Plugin Datasheet
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SGL is a leading global provider of content archive and storage management solutions with over twenty years of experience in the media and content management sectors. SGL’s content storage management systems are built on open, scalable and reliable solutions, providing significant efficiencies with workflow time and cost.  Their solutions provide adaptable and flexible video archiving solutions that organisations of any size can depend on.

SGL is a privately held company, headquartered in Fareham, England. SGL has been in business since 1989 and the company has over 4,500 instances of its flagship FlashNet product running around the world.