Scality High-performance RING storage

Scality ring Integrates Aspera FASP for Large Media Content 


The RING provides companies with a storage solution designed to scale linearly across multiple active sites and thousands of servers. Acting as a single, distributed system, the RING supports scaling beyond petabytes and hosting an unlimited number of objects. Scality has integrated with Aspera FASP transfer software to offer high-speed file transfer into, out of, and within the Scality RING.

The RING features a rich choice native file and object interfaces and provides high performance across a variety of workloads, enabling organizations to utilize a Scality storage infrastructure without having to make any changes to their applications. The integration of the Aspera technology with the Scality RING enables media companies to transfer large files, such as HD video, in and out of the RING with the highest speed, security, and reliability regardless of file size or distance between production sites. 

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Fully integrated solution – Aspera FASP has been validated with the Scality RING file system connector

  • Aspera FASP provides high-speed file transfers into and out of the Scality RING

  • Enables direct high-speed RING-to-RING transfers regardless of location or distance

  • Available for all RING releases


With the growth of large media files from HD and 4K content, the media industry requires predictable file transfers across geographically distributed media production sites. Scality, an established leader in software-defined storage, has integrated Aspera FASP into Scality’s scalable RING storage solution leveraging the RING’s file-based access methods. With the Aspera integration, RING users are able to greatly benefit from high-speed transfers for large files such as media files into and out of Scality RING regardless of their network.

Scality supports the broadest range of industry standard access protocols to support both file and object media workflows. Aspera users can leverage the new Scality RING S3 API to benefit from fast media access, geo-redundancy and high data resiliency levels.

Besides transferring files into and out of Scality’s RING storage, the integration also brings added file transfer functionality to customers who use Scality RING for Content Distribution Network (CDN) origin servers, Video On Demand (VOD), streaming services and Media Asset Management (MAM) workflows. 

Key Features


High-speed Ingest Using Aspera

Scality customers can use Aspera transfer client and server software to upload content directly into and out of Scality RING.

  • Transfer at speeds much faster than HTTP, FTP, rsync or other conventional upload mechanisms using Aspera FASP.
  • Existing Aspera user can utilize their licensed Aspera clients to upload to Scality RING.

Faster RING-to-RING Transfers

Aspera FASP technology integrated with Scality RING powers media workflows with high-speed transfer. This enables the RING to rapidly scale out over multiple sites, to support high availability and high durability.

  • The integration supports multiple deployment models, including RING-to-RING transfers and RING transfers to and from any Aspera server.
  • Scality customers can now leverage high speed file transfer for Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) origin servers, Video On Demand (VOD), streaming services and Media Asset Management (MAM) workflows.
  • Scality customers can add Aspera transfer software without changes to their existing infrastructure. 

Software Requirements


  • Scality RING


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Aspera for Scality RING Datasheet  




Scality is a software company that provides high-performance, 100% reliable storage for the Information Age, with complete hardware choice. The Scality RING is perfect for capacity-driven workloads such as media workflows, cloud services and enterprise archiving. It runs on any standard x86 servers powered by Linux, and creates an unlimited storage pool for file and object applications. Its performance is unmatched in the industry, with the ability to serve millions of users simultaneously. 7 of the top 20 telecommunication companies, many cloud services, and enterprises rely on the RING for mission-critical applications, serving over 500 million users worldwide.