Aspera High-Speed Upload for Kaltura

FASP®-enabled high-speed ingest of large digital media files to Kaltura's video platform

Kaltura is a recognized leader in Over the Top TV and in the Online Video Platform, Education Video Platform, and Enterprise Video Platform markets that engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school. The Kaltura Management Console (KMC) is a rich-media management system that enables users to ingest, manage, publish, distribute, monetize and analyze media – all in one intuitive interface. Kaltura has added a high-speed upload option to its Kaltura Management Console (KMC) based on Aspera's patented  Fast, Adaptive Secure Protocol (FASP®) transport technology. 

The Aspera High-Speed Upload for Kaltura enables integrated, high-speed ingest of large digital media files to Kaltura's video platform. With the FASP transfer technology, this option delivers maximum transfer throughput independent of distance and network conditions, typically achieving speed improvements in the range of 10 to 100 times faster than standard TCP-based transfers such as FTP and HTTP, with end-to-end security and exceptional bandwidth control. 

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Aspera's seamless integration with Kaltura's Drop Folders' ingestion service preserves the Kaltura workflow
  • Upload video and metadata over wide area network (WAN) at line speed, regardless of distance, fully utilizing the available bandwidth.
  • Allows customers to easily initiate high-speed transfers and monitor real-time progress directly from Kaltura Management Console
  • Achieves high-speed, robust and reliable transfers with guaranteed predictable delivery times 


By adding a high-speed upload option to its Kaltura Management Console (KMC) using Aspera's high-speed transfer technology, Kaltura ensures customers are able to upload their large video files at maximum speed and with exceptional bandwidth control and built-in security features. 

The Aspera High-Speed Upload option is used by content administrators that upload videos to their Kaltura storage and content management console. From there, the content can be published on any website or mobile application. It is particularly useful for large production houses, media companies and news producers that ingest high quality, long-form source files or time sensitive content on a regular basis.

Kaltura's high-speed upload option is enabled by the Aspera Connect Server hosted and managed in Kaltura Data Centers. It is integrated with Kaltura's Drop Folders' ingestion service in a similar way to the usual ingestion flow of uploading files to a Drop Folder hosted in Kaltura.  

Key Features

High-speed content transfer performance

FASP-powered transfers send packages at high speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distance, or network conditions. 

  • Transfer video and metadata while fully utilizing the available bandwidth
  • Reliable transfers with end-to-end progress reporting and performance monitoring

Leverage your existing kaltura infrastructure

The Aspera High-Speed upload option works seamlessly within the existing Kaltura ecosystem. 

  • Share high-resolution media and associated metadata between remote Kaltura workgroups
  • Integrates with Kaltura products utilizing Kaltura

Reliable and secure file transfers

File transfers occur with maximum bandwidth efficiency and are stable, robust and predictable, even for the largest files and data sets, over the longest distances and networks with challenging conditions.

  • Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire available bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other critical network traffic
  • Complete security with built-in endpoint authentication, encryption, and data integrity verification
Selecting the Kaltura High-speed Upload Option

Software Requirements


  • Kaltura Management Console (KMC) Access
  • High-Speed Upload option enabled


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Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. A recognized leader in the OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) markets, Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform, and as the one with the widest use-case and appeal. Kaltura is deployed globally in thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers and educational institutions and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school. The company is committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration, and is the initiator and backer of the world's leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 100,000 community members.