Aspera High-Speed Asset Delivery with Irdeto Tracemark™

FASP®-enabled Asset delivery WITH irdeto tracemark™ forensic watermark platform

As the content distribution chain continues to rapidly evolve with technology that is faster, more personalized and more immediate, the costs and risks associated with piracy also continue to grow. Content distributors are increasingly challenged to balance the need for content security against users’ need for an easy and immediate download experience. Content owners need a scalable security solution that works in real time with no impact on delivery to users of the content.

To meet these growing challenges, Irdeto, a world leader in digital platform security, has partnered with Aspera, an IBM company and creator of solutions that move the world’s data at maximum speed. The combination of Irdeto TraceMark™ with Aspera’s patented FASP® transfer technology allows content owners and distributors to rapidly and efficiently deliver assets across the world while mitigating the impact of redistribution piracy.

Irdeto’s TraceMark technology enables real-time watermark insertion, making it quick and easy to trace back the source of the leak should the content be compromised by piracy. Aspera FASP is a proven transfer technology that is widely used by content distributors to send large files between service providers in post-production activities, as well as by studios in the fulfillment of orders to their consumer-distribution customers when the content is not readily available.

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Transfers digital media at maximum speed regardless of file size, distance, or network conditions
  • Inserts a unique, robust and invisible mark to identify each individual content stream
  • Tightly integrates Irdeto TraceMark™ with Aspera FASP to seamlessly insert watermarks as bytes of digital content are transferred at high speed
  • Supports high-speed, watermarked transfers using FASP-enabled content management systems (CMS), standalone Aspera client or application, or Aspera command line interface
  • Fully utilizes available network bandwidth without impacting other traffic on the network


TraceMark can insert watermarks into content directly within the CMS for maximum efficiency prior to content being available for transfer. This level of integration ensures that transfer speeds using Aspera FASP-enabled solutions are not affected when TraceMark is enabled.

With the API integration of Tracemark with Aspera FASP-enabled solutions, users can enable TraceMark on a per asset, per download basis when creating transfer packages. This control can be embedded directly into any CMS in the same workflow that Aspera FASP is currently integrated.

The forensic information is synced between the TraceMark service and the Online Piracy Detection service, enabling the rapid detection and identification of sources of content piracy. By using Irdeto’s patented anti-collusion technology and forensically marking the content prior to transfer (as opposed to later in the process), the forensics information that Irdeto makes available to content owners is the most accurate and reliable intelligence available in the market today.

Key Features

High-speed content transfer performance

  • Transfers digital content at maximum speed regardless of file size, distance, or network conditions
  • Fully utilizes available network bandwidth without impacting other traffic on the network


  • Seamlessly integrates watermarking into the current workflow to insert watermarks in real-time as bytes are transferred with no impact on delivery quality or speed
  • Inserts a unique, robust and invisible mark to identify each individual content stream
  • Enables high availability and automated fallback to original content in case of catastrophic failures 

reliable and Secure file transfers

  • Initiate reliable transfers with end-to-end progress reporting
  • Complete security with built-in endpoint authentication, encryption, and data integrity verification

Software Requirements



  • Aspera Enterprise Server

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Irdeto believes that businesses must have the freedom to innovate and the confidence to take risks to be in control of their future. To help their customers take control, Irdeto secures their infrastructure and content and gives them flexibility for the future with a technology-agnostic and service-oriented approach. Irdeto’s powerful solutions and services enable content owners and providers to securely deliver media across all screens and devices in and out of the home, as well as allow platform operators to offer innovative services beyond media.

With over 40 years of expertise in security, Irdeto has the market insights from piracy and consumer data, knowhow and proven track record to be the trusted partner of choice. Irdeto’s unique heritage as a subsidiary of multinational media group Naspers (JSE: NPN) means that they are a well-established and reliable partner. Irdeto Venture Lab is the independent innovation arm of Irdeto, dedicated to exploring and investing in new initiatives including secure mobile payments, anti-counterfeiting and the Internet of Things. To learn more about Irdeto and Irdeto Venture Lab, please visit Irdeto at