Aspera FASPStream transfer technology for Interra Baton

FASPStream high-speed transfer of large digital media files through interra baton qc workflow

Global media companies all over the world, including major broadcasters, post production houses, IPTV, satellite and archiving companies depend on Interra Systems every day for comprehensive quality and media format checks and a scalable architecture that lets users expand their Baton set up as their QC needs grow.

With digital media workflows becoming more complex, geographically-dispersed media companies cannot afford to encounter production delays caused by slow, inefficient or unreliable QC checks that waste time transferring invalid media through the digital pipeline. The integration of Aspera FASPStream into the Interra Baton QC solution saves organizations substantial time and resources by only transferring assets that meet preconfigured quality and industry format standards. Non-compliant media assets can now be identified as they are being transferred, allowing organizations to take immediate action, such as transfer termination. 

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Streamlines quality checks to run inline on media files as they are reliably streamed at maximum speed, regardless of distance, size and network conditions
  • Saves substantial time and resources by only transferring assets that meet preconfigured quality and industry format standards
  • Enables users to immediately start running quality checks on growing files as they are being downloaded instead of waiting for the files to fully write to storage


To improve the speed of media workflows and provide Interra Baton users with greater flexibility and control during critical workflow stages, Interra Systems tightly integrated Aspera’s FASPStream, a bulk data byte-stream transfer technology, allowing the quality check process to run concurrently with the file transfer. FASPStream allows integrated applications like Baton to access portions of a file in memory during the transfer process rather than waiting for the entire file to be written to disk. Previously, files had to be fully inspected before transmission over the network and then inspected again after all files were fully received at the target site. Using FASPStream allows Baton users to perform a comprehensive Quality Check (QC) on the incoming file, validating a wide range of media formats during the transmission and reception process and dramatically improving overall speed and efficiency. 

“Being able to perform inline quality checks gives our customers the speed and flexibility to stay nimble in a very competitive environment where there is very little margin for error,” said Vijeta Kashyap, VP of Operations at Interra Systems. “Waiting for large media files to be fully transferred only to discover they were sent in the wrong format or with critical errors can dramatically interrupt our workflow.”

“This integration represents an exciting progression of our partnership,” said John Wastcoat, VP Business Development at Aspera. “By taking advantage of our FASPStream technology, applications like Baton are enabled to work with in-memory data as it is being transmitted and received. FASPStream opens the door to a host of media solutions beyond sending and receiving large media files.”

Key Features

Quality Checks Streamlined with High-Speed Transfers

  • Quality Check files as they are being transferred across global distances
  • Take immediate action, such as transfer termination, upon detection of non-compliant media

Reliable and Secure Transfers

  • Complete security with built-in endpoint authentication, encryption, and data integrity verification
  • High-speed transfers independent of distance and network conditions

Software Requirements

Interra systems

  • Baton


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