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Faster content ingest with FASP transfers for Grass Valley® STRATUS®


Reliable, secure, and rapid ingest of data is essential for production workflows. Grass Valley has worked with Aspera to add FASP high-speed and secure transfer capability to enable customers to ingest production data into their GV STRATUS platform. The integration of Aspera technology allows customers to get productions running quicker and smoother than ever before.

Joint Solution Highlights

  • GV STRATUS customers achieve faster content ingest through FASP high-speed transfers
  • Content transfers may be automated through the use of Aspera hot folders
  • Aspera tools allow customers to monitor and manage transfers


Grass Valley customers in the Entertainment, On-Air Operations, and News markets use GV STRATUS to create a personalized workflow that allows them to integrate massive volumes of content, assets, and modular program features into highly complex media workflows.  Customers turn to Grass Valley to have a standardized, consistent, and easy-to-use interface into their media workflow that allows users to work with and edit assets in place without having to have them on their local machine.

To get up and going faster with GV STRATUS, Grass Valley has teamed with Aspera to integrate FASP technology into the GV STRATUS workflow, enabling rapid content ingest, monitoring of transfers, and automation.  The Aspera integration with GV STRATUS dramatically shortens content ingest times and enables faster, more effective production workflows.

Key Features

High-speed Transfers Using Aspera

With Aspera FASP technology, Grass Valley customers are able to ingest content at speeds much faster than HTTP, FTP, rsync or other conventional upload mechanisms. 

  • Transfer content at line speeds into GV STRATUS without upgrading infrastructure
  • Upload files regardless of size, distance, or format at maximum speed
  • Control individual transfer speeds and pause and resume in process transfers

Automated transfers

Grass Valley customers benefit from the ease of use of Aspera upload technology that enables automated uploads into GV STRATUS.

  • Hot  folders allow users to drop files of any size and number into a configurable location and the files are automatically uploaded to the asset repository
  • API integration and embedded scripting allows Grass Valley to hide the upload process from the end user, allowing them to focus on their workflow

Scheduling, Monitoring, and Reporting

With Aspera’s fine grained monitoring and reporting capability, Grass Valley customers are able to control and monitor all aspects of file transfers.

  • Through the integration, customers can schedule transfers and create recurring transfers
  • Transfers may be monitored through a persistent data store of transfer history

Software Requirements

Grass Valley

  • Customers must have a licensed implementation of GV STRATUS
  • Optional 3rd party plug-ins may be used to extend the GV STRATUS media production workflow


Active Aspera customers can use their existing clients with GV STRATUS including:

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