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Fortium Technologies, a leading provider of content protection solutions for the film, entertainment and broadcast industries, has teamed up with Aspera to integrate FASP transfer technology so that customers can initiate high-speed transfers that will call Fortium’s MediaSeal to encrypt and protect files before transit. The integrated solution will then distribute packages of files at FASP speeds and prevent unauthorized users from accessing secured content.

The integration of Fortium content protection with Aspera high-speed transfer technology speeds up the production workflow while maintaining the industry-certified security of Fortium's content protection products.

Joint Solution Highlights

  • Integrated workflow allows users to encrypt and send content at high speeds.
  • Content may be of any format or size that is handled by MediaSeal.
  • Recipients who don’t have an authorized MediaSeal hardware key cannot decrypt content.


A stolen clip, script, audio track or image can be the most costly and unwelcome event for a producer, especially for a TV series premier, new movie or recording. Content theft not only has a business impact, but it is a personal violation of the creative process. Unfinished content can be unfairly judged causing lost viewings and ticket sales.  MediaSeal, from Fortium Technologies Ltd., offers producers the confidence that distribution of content for preview, sound dubbing, translation, or other production and post-production workflows will be secure and traceable.

Fortium’s partnership with Aspera allows MediaSeal customers to take advantage of high-speed FASP transfers through faspex, Aspera's person-to-person collaboration platform.  Through the API-level integration, files may be selected by users for transfer, encrypted and secured before transfer automatically using MediaSeal, and then transferred to collaborators, reviewers, or archive stores at maximum speed, regardless of file size, distance, or network conditions.  Recipients are only able to decrypt the content if they have a MedialSeal hardware key with the proper credentials.

Key Features

High-speed Transfers Using Aspera

With Aspera FASP technology, MediaSeal customers are able to send secured content at speeds much faster than HTTP, FTP, rsync or other conventional upload mechanisms, even to collaborators, sound dubbing staff, or effects staff in remote destinations. 

  • Transfer content at line speeds person-to-person or person-to-workgroup without upgrading infrastructure.
  • Upload files regardless of size, distance, or network conditions at maximum speed.
  • Control individual transfer speeds and pause and resume in process transfers.

Encryption and decryption with MediaSeal

Production companies can rely on MediaSeal’s ability to encrypt files and add tracking watermarks so that content is securely and traceably transferred.

  • Files are encrypted and secured before transfer with MediaSeal.
  • Recipients must have a licensed MediaSeal hardware key to decrypt and use transferred content.
  • API-level integration allows encryption to happen without direct human configuration or invocation.

Scheduling, Monitoring, and Reporting

With Aspera’s fine grained monitoring and reporting capabilities and MediaSeal’s logging capability, Media Seal customers are able to control and monitor all aspects of file transfers.

  • Through the integration, customers can see who sent and received individual transfers.
  • Transfers may be monitored through a persistent data store of transfer history.

Fortium MediaSeal Requirements

  • MediaSeal requires a combination of Server, Encryptor Client, and Decryptor Client minimum specifications that are available on the MediaSeal website

Aspera Requirements




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Fortium Technologies is a leading provider of content protection solutions for the film, entertainment and broadcast industries. Since 1999 Fortium has successfully developed innovative technologies that help leading international businesses have greater control over the way in which their digital content is distributed. Fortium’s suite of solutions is designed to power OEM software, and they develop easy-to-integrate API plug-ins for partners' products, supported by comprehensive technical support for product launches and upgrades.

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