FilmTrack High-Speed Transfers using Aspera

High-Speed Delivery of Rich Media into and out of FilmTrack’s SaaS IP management and content distribution platform


FilmTrackis using the cloud to transform how the Media and Entertainment industry manages, monetizes, measures, and delivers content and assets across every point in the IP value chain. With Aspera’s FASP high-speed technology, FilmTrack clients can seamlessly ingest and deliver large rich media assets quickly and securely – anytime, anywhere.  Not only does FilmTrack’s Asset Delivery solution improve customer service and increase productivity, but it also reduces the cost of delivering assets, directly impacting the bottom line. Together FilmTrack and Aspera are revolutionizing the way content is ingested, delivered and shared.

Joint Feature Highlights

  • Aspera FASP powers the high-speed transfer of large media files into and out of the cloud including ProRes screeners, mezzanine files, and even digital master class assets.
  • The rapid delivery of rich media assets to customers across the globe allows end-users to access large media files immediately – anytime, anywhere.
  • With Aspera, FilmTrack is able to use the cloud to directly impact their customers, as well as their customers extended ecosystem.


FilmTrack, a global leader in content and rights management for the Media and Entertainment industry, has integrated Aspera FASP technology to provide high-speed file transfer capability into and out of the cloud.  FilmTrack, with Aspera, is enabling clients to upload production media assets and provide access for their clients to download assets for use in film promotion and distribution activities. Integration of Aspera’s FASP technology into FilmTrack’s cloud-based solution suite powers full-scale delivery of high-bandwidth files such as ProRes screeners, mezzanine files, and even digital master class assets.

The new service provides a robust end-to-end platform and seamless cloud workflows for Media and Entertainment companies under increasing pressure to deliver larger and larger data files quickly and cost effectively.

Key Features


Ingest and Distribute Assets to and from the Cloud Using Aspera High-speed Transfers

FilmTrack users are able to securely upload and download media content, including large media and related content files, to the FilmTrack cloud-based IP management and content distribution platform using Aspera FASP transfers.

  • Content is sent at speeds much faster than HTTP, FTP, rsync or other conventional upload mechanisms. 
  • Upload any file regardless of size, distance, or format at maximum speed directly from the web browser.

Seamless Integration into the FilmTrack User Interface

FilmTrack used Aspera Platform on Demand and Aspera’s JavaScript SDK to tightly integrate Aspera FASP into their user interface.

  • Filmtrack users can directly invoke Aspera FASP transfers to upload content into the FilmTrack’s Vault from the FilmTrack web interface.
  • Customers all over the globe can download media assets from FilmTrack’s Extranet module using the Aspera Connect web plug-in. 

Deliver Content and Media Across the IP Value Chain

High speed transfers are enabling FilmTrack to deliver large media files to sales teams and customers to support the full lifecycle of media assets in the production delivery workflow.

  • Ability to serve and deliver large media files to FilmTrack’s global customer base that would have been impossible with traditional file transfer technology.
  • Remote users on unreliable networks benefit from Aspera’s ability to resume transfers, transfer many assets at once, and to monitor transfers in progress.

Software Requirements


  • Licensed customers of FilmTrack have access to Aspera integrated with their workflow


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FilmTrack is transforming the way the Media and Entertainment industry monetizes, measures and delivers its content and related assets across every point in the IP value chain. Backed by Insight Venture Partners, FilmTrack serves as both a front and back office to more than 150 clients worldwide. A cloud-based SaaS company, FilmTrack provides a holistic view into critical data supporting rights, availability, contracts, invoicing and physical and digital asset management.