Aspera faspex for Telestream Vantage

High-speed, secure ingest and distribution of file-based media and metadata managed and automated by Vantage


Telestream has integrated the Aspera faspex™ transport technology directly into Telestream Vantage to enable automated high-speed transfer of files processed through any Vantage workflow, including media and metadata files. Vantage interfaces with Aspera faspex via the Vantage Aspera service and associated Vantage Aspera workflow action. Using the Vantage Aspera service within your Vantage workflows will enable the automated delivery of media and associated files directly to an end user or to a faspex dropbox. By integrating faspex directly into Vantage, Telestream customers have high-speed transfer in their Telestream workflows, including ingest and distribution, enabling large scale, high volume digital processing pipelines.

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Automated delivery of media and associated files using Aspera faspex technology.
  • Vantage creates packages and initiates the high-speed transfer using the Aspera integration.  Recipients are automatically notified upon package delivery and can download the package using the faspex interface or a faspex client.
  • The process is fully integrated and automated within the Vantage workflow platform.




Telestream Vantage provides a complete range of world-class video transcoding and intelligent workflow orchestration products – from single-server systems for automating transcoding, to large, multi-server systems that produce and assemble millions of finished media packages. Vantage brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, and analysis into a unified system. With Aspera faspex seamlessly integrated into Vantage as the Vantage Aspera service, operators can now incorporate secure, high-speed file transfer and delivery of any file or groups of files as part of the unified and completely automated Vantage video workflow process.

The modular nature of Vantage makes it easy for users to create workflows that incorporate Aspera faspex delivery. Direct product integration allows Vantage to create a faspex package and initiate a high-speed transfer to a recipient using the faspex server. Recipients are notified upon package delivery and can download the package with any Aspera faspex client including the Connect browser plug-in, iOS or Android mobile faspex app, Cargo automatic downloader, Aspera Drive or the Aspera faspex Add-in for Outlook.

Key Features

Integrated with Aspera Technology

The Vantage Aspera service utilizes Aspera FASP™ high-speed technology to deliver faspex packages.

  • Transfers are powered by FASP - packages are sent at high-speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions.
  • Telestream Vantage customers can send Aspera faspex packages containing media files and metadata.
  • Built in security, with authentication, data integrity verification, and encryption over the wire and at rest.

Automated Media Delivery

With the Aspera faspex integration, Telestream Vantage customers can send files as part of a unified and completely automated process within the Vantage media workflow.

  • Vantage provides workflows for distributing and exchanging files and directories with individuals or teams.
  • Vantage automates delivery of media and associated files directly to recipients or dropboxes using Aspera faspex.
  • Recipients of faspex packages are notified upon package delivery and can download the package with any Aspera faspex client.

Software Requirements

Telestream Requirements

  • Hardware:
    • Vantage compatible server hardware
  • Software:
    • Vantage 5.0, 6.0, 6.2 or later, with a valid license that includes the Vantage Aspera service.
  • Licensing:
    • Vantage 5.0 or later license that includes the Vantage Aspera service

Aspera Requirements:        


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