Aspera Plug-in for Avid

Integrated, high-speed transport of high resolution media


The Aspera Plug-in for Avid Interplay Delivery and Avid Transfer Manager powers integrated, high-speed transport of high-resolution media between Avid Interplay Production workgroups, enabling near-real time collaboration. Users can share high-resolution media and associated metadata between remote workgroups across a wide area network (WAN) by transferring video and metadata at line speed, regardless of distance, fully utilizing the available bandwidth.

The Aspera solution is optimized for maximum speed retrieval and storage of media clips on Avid ISIS® storage, with maximum speed WAN transfer over any distance, using the FASP transport platform. It also supports the complete check-in/check-out process required for coordinated transfers and collaboration. 

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Aspera FASP is seamlessly integrated with Avid Interplay Delivery and Avid Transfer Manager to provide high-speed file transfer.
  • Interplay Delivery and Transfer Manager simplify and enable efficient Interplay WAN proxy-editing workflows with a one-command transfer of all related media segments.
  • Aspera plug-in supports existing Avid hardware and storage infrastructure.


With the Aspera Plug-in for Avid, Avid Interplay Delivery and Transfer Manager users can initiate an Aspera high-speed transfer from source to destination workgroups without requiring any special steps or processing. This enables users to move only the files required, in just the way the receiving workgroup needs them. Users can select entire sequences or portions of sequences. Users store desired delivery resolution and other settings in a personalized profile and can then choose sequences, sub-clips, or even shot lists created in Avid Interplay Access and share them from the desktop.

The Aspera Plug-in for Avid uses the patented Aspera FASP technology, which delivers maximum transfer throughput independent of distance and network conditions, typically achieving 10-100x speed improvement over standard TCP-based transfers, with end-to-end security and exceptional bandwidth control.

File transfers occur with maximum bandwidth efficiency and are stable, robust and predictable, even for the largest files and data sets, over the longest distances and networks in real-world conditions.

Key Features


High-speed File transfer

  • Transfers are powered by FASP — files are sent at high speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distance, or network conditions.
  • Transfer video and metadata while fully utilizing the available bandwidth.
  • Reliable transfers with end-to-end progress reporting and performance monitoring.

Seamlessly Integrated with Avid Production Client

  • Integration supports partial media and shot lists transfers, with complete check-out/check-in process required for coordinated transfers and collaboration.
  • Share high resolution media and associated metadata between remote Interplay Production workgroups.

Leverage your existing Avid Infrastructure

  • Integrates with Avid Interplay Delivery by utilizing the Avid Interplay Delivery SDK.
  • Utilizes Avid Transfer Manager's APIs, specifically Avid Transfer Manager Dynamically Extensible Transfer (TM-DET) Interface.
  • Compatible with Avid ISIS or Avid Unity MediaNetwork storage.

Reliable and secure file transfers

  • Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire available bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other critical network traffic.
  • Complete security with built-in endpoint authentication, encryption, and data integrity verification.

Software Requirements

Avid Interplay Delivery Prerequisites
  • Avid Interplay Delivery SDK 1.1
Avid Transfer Manager Prerequisites
  • Transfer Manager 
Aspera Requirements


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Avid’s innovative digital audio and video solutions are further enhanced with global collaboration capabilities via Aspera’s next-generation FASP transport technology.