EVS C-Next Platform with Aspera FASP

Enabling high-speed transfers between distant sites to allow full live production collaboration


EVS is globally recognized as the technology leader for video production. Amid a rapidly evolving media landscape, its premium media technologies help broadcasters, rights owners and producers optimize live assets, engage audiences and increase revenue streams by monetizing content across multiple platforms.

EVS has designed its C-Next Platform as a plug-and-play solution to connect distant sites for full live production collaboration, building on its wide-ranging HD to UHD/4K solutions and innovations like its C-Cast multimedia platform and DYVI next-generation production switcher.

By tightly integrating Aspera’s patented FASP® technology with EVS’ new platform, C-Next editors can ingest and deliver huge media files and content with incredible speed and reliability over their existing wide area networks (WANs) to meet the extreme time-critical demands of the editorial process. With Aspera, the EVS C-Next platform enables faster and more geographically dispersed production workflows than ever before.

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Enable your existing EVS systems connected via the C-Next Platform to leverage Aspera’s high-speed FASP technology
  • C-Next Platform seamlessly connects production sites and broadcast centers to easily exchange large content over any distance
  • Supports global monitoring hosted in the cloud and accessible from everywhere 
  • Provides centralized cloud administration service, configuration and support 
  • Offer several workflows with full management of the metadata


EVS’ C-Next platform provides remote access to content produced at the event site to production teams at the broadcast center, ensuring efficiencies among staff and resources. To leverage the patented Aspera FASP technology in the C-Next platform, the EVS Connected Agent hardware (located at each venue) has Aspera's Connect plug-in tightly integrated to initiate transfers between venues and the broadcast center, where Aspera Faspex and Connect Server are hosted. This allows faster delivery of more content to more operators and producers at the broadcast center, which leads to richer, more compelling stories for live productions. 

As a plug-and-play platform solution designed to connect globally dispersed sites to broadcast centers, the Aspera FASP-enabled version of EVS C-Next platform can consistently and reliably exchange large content, no matter the distance between sites, by fully utilizing the available bandwidth of the customer's IP network with virtually no delay from latency and packet loss.

The C-Next platform also provides a centralized way to monitor media activities (including transfers) across multiple sites so administrators do not have to manage different interfaces and contacts to troubleshoot a situation.

Key Features


Simply Connect your sites and content

  • C-Next extends the existing EVS live tools through connectivity
  • Aspera's deep integration into the C-Next platform means simpler configuration and implementation
  • Links site content at each venue using EVS C-Next with your existing Aspera Connect Server and Aspera Faspex application at your broadcast center

HIGH-SPEED Ingest & Distribution USING ASPERA

  • Transfer files at maximum speed regardless of size, distance, or format
  • Reliably deliver any size live production content between venues and a broadcast center

Enable your productions teams where they are

  • Supports cloud-hosted configuration and monitoring platform
  • Built with HTML5 browser support
  • API for integration to existing or custom monitoring solutions

Increase Content Utilization

  • HTML5 add-on products from EVS are enabled by C-Next and Aspera FASP
  • Provides more native high-speed Super Motion and multi-camera media

Boost team productivity & focus

  • Integrated Aspera configuration means time savings for setup
  • One place to monitor all transactions from end-to-end

Software Requirements


  • EVS Connected Agent Hardware with Aspera Connect client integrated into the C-Next Agent Software onboard



Purchase the Solution

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EVS is globally recognized as the technology leader for live video production. The company introduced Live Slow Motion replay in 1994, and has continued to build on its reputation for quality and reliability with solutions that enhance live sports, entertainment and news content. Innovations – such as the C-Cast multimedia platform and DYVI Software-Defined Video switcher – are raising the bar for live production enrichment, management and distribution. Broadcasters, rights owners, producers and venues alike use EVS to maximize the value of their productions and increase revenue streams.

The company is headquartered in Belgium with offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, and provides sales and technical support to more than 100 countries.

For more information, please visit www.evs.com