Aspera FASP for high-speed transfer into and out of customers can utilize Aspera FASP for both ingest and delivery of source media content

Akamai Screenshot is the largest and most trusted cloud-based video processing service provider. As the pioneer and market leader for enabling multi-screen video delivery, powers advanced workflows for the majority of the Fortune 1000 media, entertainment, cable, broadcast, and technology brands. Offering the most robust feature set in the industry, streamlines transcoding, packaging and video delivery to all mobile, desktop, IPTV, and OTT devices. operates in public and private cloud environments in 12 MPAA certified data centers around the globe. All of’s data centers leverage the acceleration of Aspera FASP.

Joint Feature Highlights – public cloud

  •’s integration of Aspera’s FASP technology offers high-speed file transfers into the cloud, including massive mezzanine files, thereby removing the constraints of traditional transfer mechanisms.
  • Files delivered at high-speed combined with the parallel processing of reduce the end-to-end processing time, making the content available more quickly and on more target devices.
  • Processed files can be transferred out of cloud using Aspera FASP and delivered quickly and securely to multiple locations.


  • Customers with existing investments in cloud compute resources can leverage’s HYBRIDCLOUD.
  • 30+ transcoding engines maintained by including licenses, updates, patches, and hotfixes without workflow disruption.
  • During peak capacity, customers can leverage Aspera FASP to burst instantly from on-premise to cloud to meet real-time demand.


Customers who want to transcode large bulk projects requiring rapid, efficient processing can utilize Aspera FASP technology, which can move large volumes of data at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. has integrated Aspera FASP technology into its public and hybrid encoding solutions, enabling high-performance transport of even the largest mezzanine video assets. customers who have an existing Aspera Enterprise Server or Aspera Connect Server can utilize the API to automate the transfer of files from their source location to’s processing centers as well as delivery of encoded content to specified destinations.  This option is ideal for existing Aspera customers with high volume of video processing and distribution who need a way to automate high-speed transfer and encoding in the cloud. also provides a Desktop Uploader that utilizes Aspera FASP technology. With the Desktop Uploader, users can batch upload multiple source files directly from the desktop to the cloud. When processing is complete, can transfer files to multiple locations once the encoding process is finished. 

Key Features

Aspera FASP High-Speed Transfer customers can quickly and securely move large media files including the largest mezzanine files directly into’s cloud using Aspera FASP technology.

  • Transfer media files at high-speed regardless of size, distance, or network conditions.
  • Media files can be transferred at high-speed both into and out of
  • Built in security, with authentication, data integrity verification and encryption over the wire and at rest.

Utilize the Cloud Efficiently

With Aspera FASP technology, media files can be transferred into the cloud where multiple parallel transcoding jobs can be executed in parallel.

  • Enable customer to scale their transcoding jobs to the cloud rather than processing on premises with limited compute and storage capacity.
  • High-speed FASP transfers enable customer to have multiple transcoding jobs kicked off sooner then using traditional transfer technologies, enabling a faster turnaround on media files.
  • Transcoded files can be transferred at high-speeds to multiple destinations, thereby making final content available sooner.

Flexible transfer options customers and existing Aspera customers have many options to transfer content to and from

  • Customers looking to automate their high volume workflow programmatically can leverage Aspera FASP through’s mature and well documented API.
  • Using’s intuitive web interface, customers can upload and download files using the Aspera Connect web browser plug-in.
  •’s offering is compatible with all Aspera transfer clients and add-on software including Aspera Enterprise Server, Aspera Connect Server, and Aspera Desktop Client.
  • offers to their customers a desktop client, Ultra Fast Desktop Uploader, which utilizes Aspera’s embedded client. 

Software Requirements

  • Purchase of an Aspera-enabled Encoding solution 


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