Aspera Software for EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS

Aspera and EMC Isilon Solution for High-speed File and Content Delivery over Wide Area Networks


Aspera high-speed transfer software ships with the Isilon OneFS operating system and EMC Isilon scale-out NAS. Together, Aspera and EMC deliver an integrated solution uniquely enabled to transfer and store file assets of any size, with maximum speed, at extreme distances over any IP network. The offering is specifically designed for moving large files and data sets over wide area networks with bandwidth control and security.  This cost-effective and breakthrough solution delivers extreme performance and reliability of scale-out NAS across high-latency and low bandwidth networks.

Joint Feature Highlights

  • Aspera Enterprise Server and Aspera Connect Server bundled with EMC Isilon scale-out NAS
  • Scale out transfer and storage capacity across nodes in the EMC Isilon cluster
  • Easily manage transfer bandwidth and priorities from cluster to cluster with virtual links


Aspera and EMC Isilon have teamed to create a predictable, non-disruptive, rapid, high-performance file and content delivery solution for moving large files and large data sets over long-haul wide area networks (WANs). Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server run on the EMC Isilon OneFS software available with the EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage and provides a cluster-aware version of Aspera high-speed file transfer technology.

Customers can transfer large files and datasets across the cluster at maximum speed without impacting other traffic. Transfers are fast, stable, robust and predictable, even for the largest files, most challenging networks, longest distances, and highly concurrent and loaded transfer scenarios. Transfers can also be “scaled up” to meet peak demand, and “scaled back” across fewer Isilon nodes as content delivery needs shrink during off-peak hours so that nodes can be reassigned to other projects or tasks. Bandwidth or capacity can be added to the Isilon cluster without any downtime.

With the combination of EMC Isilon OneFS, EMC Isilon scale-out NAS, and Aspera’s FASP technology, customers have the optimal solution for fast data retrieval and efficient and scalable bandwidth utilization over the WAN. Together, Aspera and EMC deliver an integrated solution uniquely enabled to transfer and store file assets of any size, with maximum speed, at extreme distances over any IP network.

Key Features


Single File System, Single Point of Management

The EMC Isilon server and storage tier are collapsed into a single, common storage and transfer management pool, simplifying the management of multiple FASP processes running on multiple cluster nodes.

  • Through a single, scalable file system, administrators can easily manage all of their data in a common storage pool.
  • As file transfer needs expand, simply add performance or capacity to the EMC Isilon cluster, without having to manage servers and storage separately and with no downtime.

Scale-Out Performance

The joint solution enables linear scale-out transfer performance for both single and concurrent transfers.

  • Aspera FASP transfers can be easily scaled out across nodes in the EMC Isilon cluster to achieve maximum aggregate throughput end-to-end.
  • Scale out seamlessly by increasing the existing file system or volume into petabytes of capacity. 

Performance Control

Aspera’s unique adaptive rate control virtualizes performance management cluster-to-cluster.

  • A single virtual link spanning multiple nodes allocates bandwidth and priorities to transfers.
  • Aspera’s adaptive rate control combined with Isilon scale-out performance provides unmatched transfer management and bandwidth prioritization—enabling precision fairness to other network traffic.
  • Bandwidth priorities can be assigned to individual transfers, down to the user, nodes, cluster, DNS name or IP address.

All-Active High Availability and Load Balancing

EMC Isilon SmartConnect provides intelligent client connection load balancing and failover support for Aspera FASP clients.

  • Through a single host name, SmartConnect enables client connection load balancing and dynamic Aspera FASP failover of client connections across storage nodes to provide optimal utilization of the cluster resources.
  • SmartConnect is compatible with any Aspera FASP client or server.
  • All Aspera FASP clients connect to a SmartConnect zone are load-balanced and protected from failures within the cluster.

Software Requirements


The Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server is bundled with EMC Isilon, Aspera licenses sold separately.


The EMC Isilon offering is compatible with all Aspera transfer clients and add-on software including:

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Aspera and EMC Isilon have partnered to create a predictable, non-disruptive high performance Wide Area File and Content Delivery solution designed specifically for moving large files long distances-at the fastest possible speed. Aspera Enterprise and Connect Server for Isilon IQ, software applications running directly on Isilon clustered storage, are cluster-aware versions of Aspera high-speed file transfer technology. When combined with the Isilon IQ clustered storage platform, the solutions provides rapid, reliable, and scalable content delivery, directly to and from clustered storage.