Aspera High-Speed Transfer Integration with Databiology

high-speed collaboration of pan-omics data

Cutting edge research demands the most innovative tools and technologies. Databiology’s platform for life sciences research helps organizations by integrating distributed data, applications, and infrastructure together in an easy to use Software as a Service solution. Using Databiology for Enterprise (DBE), organizations can increase the amount of biomedical data that is available to their researchers, improve operational workflow pipelines, and provide on demand analytics with High Performance Computing (HPC).

Databiology for Enterprise allows organizations to be infrastructure independent, allowing them to choose the best fit for the task at hand. The open architecture enables interoperability with any scientific, commercial and clinical applications available. Organizations can build out their use case on the DBE platform while focusing on their respective domains such as running analysis, creating and publishing new applications, or managing and adding new storage and compute infrastructure. 

DBE works by automating processes, making it easier to build and deploy complex applications. By using Aspera, DBE can move these huge pan-omic datasets at very high-speed between on-premises data centers and cloud platforms. DBE orchestrates all of the plumbing underneath, including workload management, data transport, credential management, and access control, allowing organizations to focus on discovery and insight. 

Joint Feature Highlights:

Data Capture, Catalog, and Search

  • Build a centralized data agnostic namespace with controlled access rights for users across multiple locations and ownerships
  • Quickly build queries into very large datasets and funnel data into analysis workflow pipelines

Analysis Application Deployment

  • Bring your own containerized apps and dynamically deploy using the Docker Ingestion Engine on any infrastructure
  • Easily publish and develop new DBE applications that leverage the DBE Sandbox that’s preloaded with over 100 analysis packages

Flexible Hybrid infrastructure

  • DBE facilitates transparent and location independent data analysis, bringing applications to the data
  • DBE Orchestrates pan-omics computing workloads and uses Aspera to move related data to and from different cloud computing and storage platforms


Researchers today face major challenges sharing and collaborating globally by moving data sizes that can reach several hundred gigabytes, especially for genomic sequencing sets. When a patient’s health is dependent on the results of an analysis, the fast and reliable transfer of scientific research data is absolutely essential.

Databiology’s platform combined with Aspera’s patented FASP® transfer technology allows collaborating teams and organizations to securely and reliably transfer huge research datasets to and from the DBE platform at maximum speed from anywhere in the world over existing commodity network infrastructure. 

Aspera’s Fast, Adaptive, Secure Protocol (FASP) technology lets users avoid unexpected delays and transfer failures associated with traditional file transfer. With Aspera, users consistently achieve reliable and predictable transfer times, allowing global research teams to enjoy more efficient workflows between internal groups as well as external third party researchers. In addition, FASP’s built-in security capabilities include both encryption in transit and at rest, protecting valuable clinical and healthcare data throughout the transfer process.

Key Features

High-speed content Transfer performance

  • Transfers are powered by FASP® - to move at maximum speed, regardless of size, transfer distance, or network conditions
  • Rapid and secure ingest and distribution of research data between global research partners
  • Transfer data reliably with end-to-end progress reporting, transfer auditing, and performance monitoring

Faster collaboration between worldwide teams

  • Streamline work flows in DBE for fast, efficient collaboration between internal users and external research partners
  • Send very large genome data and clinical data reliably, even over difficult network conditions and wireless networks
  • Analyze and share large lab data from multiple research locations to both internal and external collaborators

Reliable and secure transfers

  • Precise bandwidth control ensures maximum transfer speeds are achieved while being fair to other critical network traffic
  • Protect valuable research data with best in class security capabilities such as encryption in transit and at rest
  • Enable incredibly reliable FASP transfers with auto-resume from the point of interruption and data integrity verification

Software Requirements


  • Databiology for Enterprise (DBE)



  • Biomedical Big Data
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Crop Science

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