Aspera High-Speed Transfer Integration with CatDV

Aspera with CatDV for optimized Media Workflow Logistics 

Square Box System’s CatDV is a leading Media Asset Management tool for organizations that create and manage large volumes of digital media. CatDV helps organizations communicate and collaborate effectively by answering the question “where is my stuff?”.  Its simple, yet powerful tools support some of the world’s most sophisticated media workflows and provide the flexibility to work your way. The solution brings value to single user installations, up to large dispersed teams within the world’s largest firms.

Distributed teams that need rapid, secure and reliable file movement use CatDV to organize their media and automate workflows that span between disparate remote locations and central media stores, giving teams the flexibility to work the way they need to over a wide area network (WAN). Using Aspera, teams can move media assets faster by taking advantage of high-speed transfers over distance using patented Aspera’s Fast, Adaptive, and Secure Protocol (FASP) technology. FASP enables users to transfer media at maximum speed by allowing users to leverage their full available bandwidth, independent of transfer distance and network conditions.  

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • High-speed transfer of media assets over a WAN at line speed
  • Extend media workflows across global WANs with no degradation in transfer speeds, allowing distributed teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently
  • Robust and reliable transfers with encryption in transit and at rest


Aspera FASP is integrated into CatDV’s powerful “Worker Node” automation engine, allowing organizations to seamlessly push and pull files from geographically separate locations within the media workflow at maximum speed. Large individual files or collections of files can be effortlessly transferred at high-speed over WAN distances, independent of network factors such as packet loss and latency by using Aspera’s patented FASP technology. CatDV has integrated Aspera’s Connect Browser Plug-In to enable high-speed media uploads and downloads across WAN distances using Aspera Connect Server software.

The CatDV Watch Folder feature, lets users setup hot folders on their native desktop automated with rules to seamlessly send and receive files. Users simply drop files or folders into the hot folder, which are then reliably and securely transferred at high speed to the target destination in the workflow. In addition, a watch folder can be configured to monitor a target folder on an Aspera transfer server for new files.  As new media files are delivered to the server, the assets can be automatically ingested and published to the CatDV database, and then transferred to a destination folder for further processing.

CatDV helps organizations identify where content is or where content needs to go. By utilizing Aspera technology, files can be quickly, securely, and reliably moved from place to place. As a result, customers can develop sophisticated media workflow automations, that span across global distances for ingesting and distributing content at maximum speed between regional locations. 

Key Features

High-speed File Transfer

  • FASP powered transfers lets users move the largest individual as well as collections of media files at maximum speed.
  • Fully utilize available bandwidth for media transfers, independent of network conditions and transfer distance.
  • High-speed, reliable transfers with end-to-end progress and performance reporting.

Reliable Global Media Ingest and Distribution 

  • Schedule new automated media downloads from an Aspera transfer server at set time intervals
  • Setup automatic synchronization tasks to pull down media changes on an Aspera transfer server
  • Automatically publish new media to a new or existing CatDV catalog using watchfolders

Review and Approval Workflows 

  • Setup workflows for review and approval to external users using CatDV Web Server based on metadata
  • Trigger automated events such as file moves, uploads to individuals or locations, media transcoding, and submissions to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Setup different user profiles in CatDV that allow for customization of transfer authentication, authorization, and encryption parameters.  

Software Requirements

square box

  • CatDV Enterprise Server, CatDV Pro Client, CatDV Worker Node


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Downloading in CatDV using Aspera
Uploading in CatDV using Aspera
CatDV Worker Integration with Aspera
Watchfolders using CatDV and Aspera

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Square Box Systems is the developer of software tools for the film and broadcast industry such as applications for media databases, logging, transcoding, and communication. 

CatDV is Square Box System’s leading digital asset management system with production management capabilities. For companies that create and manage large volumes of digital media, CatDV helps teams to organize, communicate and collaborate. CatDV’s simple, yet powerful tools support some of the world’s most sophisticated media workflows and provide the flexibility to work your way. CatDV brings value to single user installations up to large dispersed teams working at the world’s largest firms.