Aspera for Avid Media Composer

Ultra-fast transport of large media files to speed your editorial process

As the professional’s choice for creative editorial, Avid Media Composer accelerates storytelling with the tools embraced by top movie, television, and broadcast editors. Throughout the editorial process, media professionals need to power through HD and high-res content acquisition, editing, and delivery faster than ever before in order to meet critical deadlines. Unfortunately, these timelines can be put in jeopardy when the content is transmitted from the field or around the globe to destinations located hundreds or thousands of miles away.

By tightly integrating Aspera’s patented FASP® technology, Avid Media Composer users can securely and reliably ingest and deliver high-res media files including HD, 4K, and 8K, with incredible speed over their existing wide area networks (WANs). Aspera for Avid Media Composer speeds the editorial process by enabling workflows involving geographically-dispersed teams and content.

The deep API-based integration ensures the entire rich set of high-speed file transfer features available with Aspera FASP are supported and can be used directly within Avid Media Composer for a seamless user experience. Users can initiate high-speed file transfers between local and remote systems, or initiate an Interplay | MAM Export to transfer any Interplay | MAM asset to a target system. 


Regardless of where the content originates, editors can quickly ingest, process, and deliver large media files over the WAN. Media Composer’s sleek interface provides visual feedback and clip previews, enabling editors to rapidly turnaround video file edits. These files can then be distributed over the WAN at line speed, regardless of distance, fully utilizing the available bandwidth. 


All production media assets stored in disparate locations around the world are accessible via high-speed transfer to every in-house and remote contributor without requiring any special steps or processing by the user. This will enable users to move only the required files, in just the way they are accustomed, without having to leave the Avid Media Composer interface.


How Customers Use Aspera for Avid Media Composer

High-speed Content Ingest 

Enable organizations to ingest Avid content (full projects or partial clips and associated metadata) from non-Avid systems at high-speed across global distances.

Global Media File Distribution 

Distribute your digital assets internally or externally over any distance or network, from directly within the Avid Media Composer interface. 

Automated Transport Workflows 

Automate receipts of digital deliveries, especially when content is sent in from multiple entities, saving time and hassle, and reducing the risk of losing files due to human error. Streamline your workflow by automatically triggering post-receipt file processing, transfers of work-in-progress media, and distribution of finished assets around the world between customers and vendors.



High-speed content transfer performance

  • Ingest and deliver high-res digital content at maximum speed over WANs regardless of file size, distance, or network conditions
  • Handle the largest files with ease, from HD, 4K, and 8K and other high-res content
  • Fully utilize available network bandwidth during the transfer without impacting other traffic on the network

Seamless integration with Avid Media Composer 

  • Browse, transport, and natively edit high-res and HD media files within Avid Media Composer
  • Monitor media file transfers in the Avid MediaCentral user interface
  • Precisely control end-to-end transfers through integrated performance monitoring, management, and reporting tools

Leverages your existing Avid infrastructure 

  • Compatible with Avid MediaCentral Platform shared storage
  • Automatically synchronize files between between Avid Shared Storage Solutions (ISIS/NEXIS)

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